You go through the trouble bagging. Why can’t you go the extra step?

Several bags of dog poop left at Lincoln Blvd. boardwalk ramp
Several bags of dog poop left at Lincoln Blvd. boardwalk ramp

“This was the scene at the base of the Lincoln ramp to the boardwalk. I cleaned it up, but there were no less than five [poop] bags laying next to the garbage pail which was put there by the building not the city.

[Poop] by the beach is despicable and unsanitary. Even when it is bagged. Damn take your bag home! What’s worse is everyone walked right by it and looked at me like I was weird for cleaning it up. You can go to as many city council meetings as you want, but if you walk past litter in this town you can’t call yourself a good citizen.

Strong words by a reader who had to clean up somebody else’s unsanitary mess.

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  1. Why should I not put my poop bags in the trash? That’s kinda silly especially when I tie them.

    This looks odd. No one who takes the time to pick up the poop would just throw 5 bags close to the trash. Someone (or someanimal) pulled these out.

  2. Both sides of Shore Road between Lincoln and Monroe abound with dog walkers who don’t clean up their dog’s messes. That block is filthy most of the time. The City of LB is trying to drum up revenue, why not raise the fines to $500 and rigidly enforce the laws? Law enforcement has to be done at nighttime too because nighttime is when most of the slobs are at it. Same person that cleans up after dog does his thing, will leave the mess on the sidewalk after dark.

    Also the mesh garbage can in the photo has a plastic bag liner. That set up turns the bag inside out in high winds and whatever is in the can winds up on the ground around the can. I suspect that this is what happened in the photo.

  3. @CO – excellent point.

    Perhaps the city can put bins specifically marked for dog crap.

    My parents community has that, a ton of dogs, and its really clean.

  4. Not sure the $500 fine is a deterrent. That typically creates the scenario in which someone can’t afford to pay it, eventually an arrest warrant gets issued, they get pulled over for coasting through a stop sign, end up in jail, lose a job, etc all because they are too lazy to pick up after their dog. I propose education and accessibility to waste bins and free poop bags. After attempting those approaches, a fine in the order of $75 is more like it.

  5. I agree with B on both counts. I used to put the poop bags in my trash can but someone told me that it would be a good idea for to put them in the public trash can because sanitation picks up that garbage every day.

    Secondly this photo doesn’t make sense to me saying the people just dropped the poop bags close by the trash can. Not sure what the answer is but I don’t think that is the right one.

    ps I also tie them.

  6. This is not done by dogwalkers who took the time to pick up the poop! Im sure someone collecting bottles left them out as they sifted through.

  7. Just like the slobs who allow their Dogs to Poop in other people’s gardens on Broadway..
    The apartment buildings on Broadway are not Dogs bathrooms!!!!!
    Even if you do pick it up, which many of you don’t!!

  8. @Aimee – not talking about people who don’t pick it up. But those who picked it up and bagged it probably didn’t throw it next to a garbage can. It was probably taken out by poor people looking for cans to recycle, as stated.

  9. Why leave cats out? Just google cat cam and be entertained by videos of well fed domestic cats who’s owners attached mini video cams to them and let them out to roam.

    No matter how well fed they are they spend their entire time out of the house killing and not eating every life form that they can get their bloody paws on. Every bird, bug, mouse, bunnies, you name it, they kill it. They frequent the beach and kill ground nesting birds like Piping Plover and Oystercatcher. Demented cat lovers dump their unwanted cats in the Wildlife preserves on Jones beach where they kill everything in sight. Then they dump loads of cat food off daily so the killers grow fat, but they kill everything anyway.

    All feral cats should be exterminated to preserve the native species. Watch cat cam before you reply.

  10. So far 3 cat owners have replied. None of them have said that one word I wrote about murderous cats is false. None have commented on the video saying that it is untrue. Fact: Well fed house cats when released outdoors with video cams attached are found to spend most of their time hunting and killing wildlife of every sort which they don’t eat. Prove that the video is false, put up or shut up.

  11. Kayo I had no idea there was a cat cam and now I am NEVER going to get ANYTHING done because I am about to strap a go pro on my Baby BooBoo Kitty Demon Meow Meow’s face and watch his adventures!
    Also, feral cats should be neutered, not exterminated. It would be cool if the City had a trap and spay/neuter program.

  12. I agree with Kayo. These animals are natural predators and are a danger to birds, rodents, and humans alike. They can cause damage that is CATastrophic. See what I just did right there?

  13. Enjoy the bloodshed.

    Watch the video. It demonstrates that spay and neuter doesn’t work because they never can catch 100% of the cats. Spay and neuter is a waste of time and money.

    Do you approve of turning unwanted cats loose in wildlife preserves where they massacre native species?

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