Trees……………again! [Guest Author]

Dear SeabytheCity, I wanted to email you regarding subject near and dear to many of us residents. We are all eagerly awaiting the re-planting of trees.  While West Walnut did get their trees planted just this past week – -I had an unfortunate situation.

When the city came around to determine where trees need to go, I was informed that only one of the two trees removed by the city would be replaced.  The city decided that trees would not be replaced if they were in the space right next to any driveway apron.  While I live on a one way street — and the spot next to my driveway would not hinder any traffic (it was in the other direction), the city was not inclined to replace the tree.

While I wasn’t thrilled with that, I accepted their decision.  I was told that I would be permitted to plant my own tree if I elected to do so.  So — my husband and I set out on our journey to find a tree for the empty mound of dirt at our curb.  We were quite diligent in our decision making process — to not get too dense a tree to interfere with power lines; not too thick of a tree to be massive near a driveway; a tree that would grow and flourish and not compete with the city proposed trees per their plan.

We found one! And, we happily planted a beautiful and healthy Silver Birch….slender, regal and about 7 feet tall (first photo).  My husband took great care in planting that tree only 3 weeks ago.  You can imagine our horror when we woke up Sunday morning to the second photo.  You can see that there are no tire treads and no unfortunate backing into the tree unintentionally.  You also see no fallen tree lying at the curb.  What you do see is some dirt that got kicked into the street — stemming from what police surmise to be a deliberate kicking/vandalizing the tree – and carting it off with the offenders as a trophy.

 While I saw your post [the other day] about poop bags being tossed toward a garbage can with such little car and regard for others — it dismays me that many other residents don’t have respect for our beautiful city — I am more astonished and dismayed at the deliberate actions of others to ruin something that someone clearly took the time to make better.  My husband and I work hard – and a lot of hours for our money.  We take great care and pride in our home and have worked diligently on it since we moved in to make it a nicer, prettier place and to hold itself against the other well-maintained homes on our street.  Why would someone be so mean, calculated and destructive to someone else’s property?  The action of neglect is one thing (as with the littered poop bags) — the deliberate action of destroying something is so violating to me.  I would think at the ripe old age of 55, that I would grow used to this sort of behavior; I don’t want to nor should I.

It’s a sad day at Bungalow Lover’s house.  My husband is completely heartbroken (as am I) that someone would do something like this.

**rant over and thanks for listening**

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  1. Given the increase in crime and quality of life violations , I would suggest all residents install camera’s surrounding the perimeter of their homes. We are not getting the law enforcement we need, therefore we the citizens need to be more responsible for the well being of our community.

    P.s. this statement is. ontrary to what the city would have you believe. They say everything is peachy keen.

  2. I am so confused. Were the comments made to this post supposed be funny and I am not getting it? This poor woman sounds like most of us who was upset about trees being pulled out and then waited patiently to see what was going to be replaced. Why shouldn’t she be upset that she spent money to replace a tree that she loved and it was vandalized. Am I missing something?? Why such mean, negative responses? All I ever here on this blog is if you don’t like it get out….if these indeed were serious responses then there is really something so wrong with our community CAMARADERIE.

  3. Hay – Your a heartless leach sucking on the misery of others and you think its funny! You are the kind Long Beach does not need because you bring down the community. We need people that want to raise it up and help their neighbor.

  4. Dear Author, I am a homeowner and resident as well. I apologize for the callous posts. I would have felt the same way and probably would have posted it here or on Facebook. It sucks to have your property disrespected 🙁 I think the cameras are a good idea. We are planning on doing the same. It could have happened anywhere. Most people around here are good but there is always a few knuckleheads that ruin a good thing.

  5. And please remember the bars in this town are the number one night time visitor attraction and also what makes us a vibrant, trendy, hip community. Please support them as much as you can and tip generously.

  6. Thanks to those residents who responded with compassion. (Unfortunately, I was aware when I contacted Anthony about this story there would be some less than nice responses.) Simply – I was bringing awareness to an issue in this neighborhood and asking residents to be aware. I would certainly hate to see the new beautification process and planting of trees suffer a similar fate.

  7. “While I saw your post [the other day] about poop bags being tossed toward a garbage can with such little car and regard for others — it dismays me that many other residents don’t have respect for our beautiful city — I am more astonished and dismayed at the deliberate actions of others to ruin something that someone clearly took the time to make better”
    You are right! There is a difference between being careless/ too stuck up to care and being a criminal. Sorry your property was vandalized Bungalow Lover. 🙁

  8. Thanks, Alexis. Careless, too stuck up to care and criminal – all with different intent and motive — still make it sad for the rest of us, doesn’t it?

  9. Regarding trees by aprons total fabrication. You will never get a straight answer from any in government because they just do not know. I called about recycling pails and they said ran out. Did they not know how many residences there are in town. Meanwhile if you come over the bridge there is quite a pile of pails still left.
    Regarding trees here is an email I had to send on Friday before Memorial Day weekend when I arrived home.

    It has come to my attention that the company completing the “Call Before You Dig” aspect of the tree replacement program is not marking the locations of water lines and underground electric. This will surely add to additional expense to the taxpayers for repairs of any damaged water lines. I speak from experience. I had left a piece of plastic 2 1/2 inch pipe over the shut off valve at my curb but it was totally ignored and now I start the Memorial Day weekend totally aggravated. Heaven forbid one of the workers manually digging out the holes strikes one of the buried electric lines and is seriously injured. I would hope the city did it’s due diligence in vetting the parties responsible for this work. The gentleman, 10 or more, walking around with pick axes and shovels seem highly underqualified. I would think a project like this would required skilled labor working at a prevailing wage. I am sure the contractor is being paid accordingly.
    Additionally trees are being planted where there never were any and in my case where I had 2 trees it appears they are only replacing one.

    Kind regards,
    Rich D

    I learned when I began to support government services as a private contractor that the people who work in government are clueless and for them it is all about trying to keep the cushy job you have.

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