NY Post: Why the Rockaways are real estate’s new shore thing

New York Post: Why the Rockaways are real estate’s new shore thing

“Yet this time it’s being led not by day-tripping hipsters from Williamsburg, but affluent Brooklyn and Manhattan residents on the hunt for vacation and weekend homes in a sandy retreat just a short subway ride away.

….The real estate rise in the Rockaways is also being fuelled, in part, by developers eagerly marketing condos as summer vacation homes for young professionals. The newer developments include the kinds of amenities many city dwellers have become accustomed to such as sprawling rooftop decks, swimming pools and fitness centers.

….Though Far Rockaway dates back more than a century, the sandy peninsula has become a magnet for young, artsy types over the last few years, with many migrating from Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. They followed a swell of surfers who began populating the area more than a decade ago, drawn by its cheap rents and barren, underpopulated beaches.


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  1. Love seeing these articles!! Combination of low taxes and location make Long Beach real estate a great investment if you hold for 5 – 10 years. Surely Long Beach is better than the Rockaways and only a matter of time before prices sky rocket. A lot of manhattanites are either priced out of the Hamptons and Manhattan so choosing to rent in the city and buy a vacation home in Long Beach.

  2. I would never live in the Rockaways, but I have to admit that the taxes here are too high and the middle and high schools here are woefully inadequate.

  3. Taxes in Long Beach are indeed quite low compared to surrounding areas. Look around at other towns in the immediate area / Nassau county and you will have sticker shock and hard pressed to find a place with lower taxes. All my family and friends who live in other parts of long island and other towns in Westchester, CT, NJ can’t believe how low the taxes are in Long Beach. No one likes to pay taxes, and I’m not saying that my taxes aren’t a decent chunk of change, but if I lived somewhere else it would be much more painful. I agree that LB schools don’t have a stellar reputation, but if you don’t plan to use the public schools or don’t have school age children, can’t beat the taxes when compared to other places near by.

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