Edwards Blvd comfort station [Bird’s-eye view]

Here is an awesome photo taken by a reader at the Avalon Towers. The Edwards Blvd comfort station module has been installed via that crane since this photo was taken, but I had to share this image nonetheless.  In other news: That foundation block could use a little bit more green10363230_10152823413901640_5562453654924874392_n

8 Replies to “Edwards Blvd comfort station [Bird’s-eye view]”

  1. Oh Yeah I love it too, this is the view I pay 4,500.00 a month to see every morning and every night.
    I just can’t wait until the Bathrooms are completed, then the view should be even better.

  2. Id bet that the people in the Avalon must be pissed as hell, over ruining their wonderful view and now having the view of a “Bathroom” insead.

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