Here is the scene at Long Beach Blvd and E. Broadway

Many of you folks who hate Long Beach newbies such as myself will look at the image below and think, “there’s nothing wrong here.” Perhaps overgrown weeks is how it’s suppose to look like? Perhaps I’m just being that annoying blogger complaining and whining as usual. Call me crazy, but I see it as an embarrassment. Something that needs to be fixed and maintained, especially since this shrub bed is at a main thoroughfare.

Sorry if this post construes as being negative, but I just want the area that I live in to shine.

Long Beach Blvd & E. Broadway (Photo taken June 21st, 2015)
Long Beach Blvd & E. Broadway (Photo taken June 21st, 2015)

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  1. Your bLogs the best when you’re pissed off. I expect more posts like these in the coming days. Keep up the good work. These weeds are embarrassing.

  2. The only thing you should be apologizing for is the fact that Jack and Jim should have taken this photograph… couple of years ago. Jack and Jim should be walking buddies and take a walk everyday for an hour and take pictures and correct ALL these ridiculous maintenance issues. They can start on Park Avenue and then Broadway and then the boardwalk…..

  3. I live right there. Its ridiculous. Dont plant things and then never do any up-keep. Add that to our lovely Superblock weed garden with all the lovely new banners and containers and its some view at the busiest intersection in LB during the summer……

  4. Welcome to LB Anthony, if you love LB, welcome to the pack. There’s plenty of room for improvement, but please don’t compare it to Williamsburg – I’m there everyday and can’t wait to get home to LB. I can send plenty of photos of Williamsburg if you get homesick – they won’t be pretty.

  5. I never lived in Williamsburg. My family left Williamsburg in the 1950s. Bedford avenue and ‘nordeight’ street. I’m being called a williamsburg hipster by my readers. I would never trade Long Beach for Williamsburg.

  6. “Perhaps I’m just being that annoying Brooklyn hipster complaining and whining as usual.”

    Yes, you are an uber hipster dufus but are you smoking crack? Seriously, I have never heard anyone for a second complain about weeds when living in or going back to visit what you would consider the “hipster” part of Brooklyn. Anthony, I love you but they are weeds and not syringes. They are living, breathing plants you are having a crack attack over. Embrace the weeds or get your shovel and start planting wildflowers!

  7. The “Brooklyn Hipster” crack was directly towards a comment made about me the other day. I’m going to delete it because people are reading it the wrong way. Perhaps the city should think of planting stuff that blends in. wildflowers and clovers would be amazing.

  8. The City has done a great job of planting and weeding in selected areas…particularly near City Hall and some of the parks. But, the effort has been unsatisfactory in too many other areas.

    Good news: this past week, and continuing for 8 weeks, the City DPW “Clean Team” crews will be undertaking major actions to clean and weed, do street sweeping, some painting, and enlist support of volunteers.

    Here are quick suggestions to build on this program:
    – Next year, start the Clean Team effort in May
    – Increase the use of mulch, to minimize future weed growth
    – Establish more frequent street sweeping to reduce “curb” weeds
    – Establish a working relationship with volunteers to agree on future plantings e.g. Similar to what West a End Beautification Association did this year.
    – Establish a Saturday and Sunday summer morning program to clean streets of garbage left by inconsiderate partygoers.
    – Complete the West End Beach Entrance design and implementation.
    – Enforce garbage pick-up compliance rules for businesses.

    But this isn’t only a City problem. While some businesses and volunteers have done a good job planting, weeding, picking up garbage, too many businesses, residents and visitors are contributing to the problem.

    Have pride in our City. Help make it beautiful, and accept nothing less from our City government.

  9. I traded williamsburg for LB. It was the best thing I ever did. I still think LB is really phoning it in on the aesthetic side of things…must be my hipster Dufus side coming out.

  10. Oh Yeah I love it too, this is the view I pay 4,500.00 a month to see every morning and every night.
    I just can’t wait until the Bathrooms are completed, then the view should be even better.

  11. Fill the potholes, let the weeds grow, there are no weeds blowing out people’s tires. Frankly, LB needs an “adopt a highway” style program, business owners should be forming coalitions to provide money for beautification programs, they benefit from tourism, I certainly don’t.

  12. It’s ugly. So were the planters along E Broadway till they finally cleaned them up and planted. I complained on their facebook page and maybe tweeted it too. Public social media embarrasment does wonders.

    Roads? I won’t even drive on Monroe going south off Park Ave near the church. But go ahead, build some superblock hoping people with lots of $$$ are going to live in a community that looks like this because of the ocean.

  13. I’ve complained about this 3x’s on the useless LB response app and it still has not been cleaned up. Can’t wait til thousands of people walk by this embarrassment before tomorrow’s fireworks. Also drives me nuts that the city plowed out the privately owned I star property but they don’t maintain the street plantings!

  14. If the City had to cut the grass on your property, they’d lien you for the work. But i-Star – our own Zombie House, gets free grass cutting.

    And yes, the LB Response App is a waste of time. Another hollow effort to get votes and nothing else.

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