What’s with the increase in airplane noise over Long Beach?

I’m hearing complaints about an increase in airplane noise over Long Beach:

“we can not sleep with our windows open.  we can not speak to each other when a plane passes.  The planes are too loud and too frequent.”

There might be a runway being worked on at JFK, which would change flight patterns thus causing this influx of noise pollution. Anybody have info on this?

In the meantime, please fill out the noise complaint form here: Port Authority Noise Complaint Form

UPDATE: Some articles on this very topic:


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  1. filled out the form. super easy. preemptive reply to anyone who says “you knew before you bought your home”, we are talking about a seemingly increase in traffic. I have a friend in Floral Park who says his town has zero planes now due to runway work and maybe more planes are now pushed our way? i dunno. but I hope this is not the norm. least we can do is fill out the form and make sure they are spreading the burden around.

  2. Runway 22L the primary departure runway is closed till fall meaning efficient ops requires JFK be on a pair of 31’s or a pair of 13’s. He’s partially correct but the spring and summer flow is usually conducive to a pair of 13’s anyway which would flow departures over LB. Nothing has changed. People sound like idiots.

  3. I am not sure why the person who sent it in sounds like an idiot, but thank you for the info. Just please be nice to your neighbors. We come here to learn and share information, not constantly put each other down.

  4. There is definitely an increase in air traffic. I grew up near what inspired the book ‘Cedarhurst Alley’ and the plane noise here in LB is nothing like that of the Five Towns (my mother used to run to the China Closet and barricade her crystal back in the day!)….it was pretty bad and I believe I got used to it even after living in a non-plane traffic area for the past 20 years.

    There are days I notice it more (inclement weather) than others but nothing that wakes me up in the middle of the night but does disturb phone conversations very often.

  5. I am so glad you brought this topic up….I thought it was just when I opened my windows I was hearing it more..did not realize there is a legit reason….and @blt….I am very sorry you are still going through such a frustrating time….the excess noise cant be pleasant on top of everything else

  6. @Ann, I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic on top of my sarcasm, but if you’re not I feel like a real dick, haha. My house is fine, I was just repeating what’s usually said when someone complains.

  7. @btl….lol….honestly I was being sympathetic but now I feel silly….I am not good “reading” humor sometimes!!! I did that the other day too, but I am glad your house is fine!!!

  8. I agree Ryan, As a Pilot myself & resident in a boardwalk bldg. with short final on 31L 31R flying right over my bldg. I can only say that planes have never been quieter. Modern aircraft are quiet as can be.

  9. The City has done a great job of planting and weeding in selected areas…particularly near City Hall and some of the parks. But, the effort has been unsatisfactory in too many other areas.

    Good news: this past week, and continuing for 8 weeks, the City DPW “Clean Team” crews will be undertaking major actions to clean and weed, do street sweeping, some painting, and enlist support of volunteers.

    Here are quick suggestions to build on this program:
    – Next year, start the Clean Team effort in May
    – Increase the use of mulch, to minimize future weed growth
    – Establish more frequent street sweeping to reduce “curb” weeds
    – Establish a working relationship with volunteers to agree on future plantings e.g. Similar to what West a End Beautification Association did this year.
    – Establish a Saturday and Sunday summer morning program to clean streets of garbage left by inconsiderate partygoers.
    – Complete the West End Beach Entrance design and implementation.
    – Enforce garbage pick-up compliance rules for businesses.

    But this isn’t only a City problem. While some businesses and volunteers have done a good job planting, weeding, picking up garbage, too many businesses, residents and visitors are contributing to the problem.

    Have pride in our City. Help make it beautiful, and accept nothing less from our City government.

  10. Classic – Anthony posts this and gets reamed on facebook. That he complains too much And makes shit up.

    Then he posts the times article that backs him up.

    LB is a special place – people can’t even agree if they’re taxes have gone up, why would they believe there’s more planes flying over their head?

    When the iStar building goes up, we can watch people argue over whether or not it’s really there.

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