14 Replies to “Who thinks Long Beach needs more unicorns?”

  1. My chosen political party (that I blindly follow) told me unicorns tend to rent illegal apartments and they support the Surfrider Foundation, so therefore I can’t say I want more of them.

  2. Thank you for ALL your hard work. Rest up and hope you get the energy to continue your blog. No one cares to listen to me in person, so I tend to use your personal blog to protest and attest my personal feelings…. Enjoy your summer and hope to read something from you soon….

  3. I hope you’ll reconsider. This is been the only place I could come to for probably 5 years to learn about the things going on in Long Beach, news, concerts and otherwise, and I know I’m not alone.

    Your blog and social media has really been the only backbone for important news and information in Long Beach since Sandy.

  4. Take a break, you definitely deserve it! You do a tireless thankless job and it can be emotionally and psychologically draining.

    However I do think LB needs more alocorns as opposed to unicorns, we have way to many unicorns.

  5. I guess the Democrats sent you a message you can’t refuse. Sorry to see you go. Long Beach really needs a free forum.

    Until someone steps up with nothing to lose, we won’t have one.

  6. You write an admirable blog. You tend to attract solid, constructive dialogue. You are an asset to the community. Please do not allow those that the City needs to eliminate, to force your voice (and ours) to be silenced. You are on the right side of things.
    Or, if you’re just looking for compliments, then you get mine!!!

  7. Enjoy the summer break. What I love about you is that you’ve remained fairly apolitical, siding with what’s best for Long Beach and criticizing what’s wrong, regardless of who does it. The residents here could take a good lesson from you.

    Instead of blindly following one group or party, taxpayers should look past the party and support the individuals who do good work or those who shun the Long Beach corruption. Likewise, residents would be well served to boycott the businesses that rob and cheat residents and support those who give more than lip service.

    You’ve been an asset to us, Anthony. We hope you keep up the great job, regardless of the threats you receive from those in power.

  8. I second the comments made by Euranus and others expressing support for what Anthony does here. i very much respect that Anthony has created a forum that both brings to light important local issues and encourages LB citizens to have a critical/constructive dialogue about these topics. i admire the chutzpah that you display by airing your grievances or taking positions that may not be universally popular. Have been meaning to email you directly w/ these thoughts – but your frustration and planned hiatus have made this seem like the proper time to communicate these ideas. I do not often post to the site but do often read your blog in order to get info and find the comments to function as a barometer for the locals’ take on hot topics. i like Anthony moved to LB because of what LB intrinsically possesses as well as the great potential that i believe this town has. would venture to say that this appreciation and optimistic vision is what keeps people coming back to this blog. I look forward to Anthony’s continued work on the site in what i hope is the near future. Lastly, thank you for the time and effort that you put into this forum – as i am sure there are other productive ways that you could spend your time.


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