15 Replies to “Surf Board rentals right on the boardwalk”

  1. Skudin Surf has single-handedly ruined surfing in Long Beach. And if it wasn’t bad enough, every hodad, poser, and all around nitwit has even easier access to a surfboard. How does one get to rent an entire public beach? Does anyone know how much they actually pay for this privilege? Do you pay extra to rent stuff on the boardwalk?

  2. I’m all for free market capitalism, hard work, exposing your business to the public and new revenue opportunities. I can’t fault anyone for that.

    But am I the only one that sees Skudin Surf taking over not only the local surfing industry, but being allocated positions within the city and county that other businesses weren’t even aware existed? For instance, at Nickerson Beach, their banner is prominently displayed at the entrance. Can any business get their banner posted there? I doubt it. What is the connection that got them that favor? Secondly, they opened a mini surf shop on the boardwalk and now a surfboard rental station as well. Last I checked, not just any business can open up shop on the boardwalk. If I’m wrong, someone please tell me. Is there a signup sheet somewhere that says “booths on the boardwalk cost this much per season?” Doesn’t the city have to award a contract to an official “vendor” on city property, like the bike sharing program or that bike transportation service they had a while back?

    If I’m off base here, someone please tell me. But what it appears, is that a very well connected person is reaping some major county and city benefits and this hasn’t been called out on a major scale yet.

  3. Are you all being sarcastic? Obviously this guy is related to someone, has something over someone, or is paying someone off. Just like the guy with the lobster roll truck ON the beach and the one that built a concession ON the beach near NY Avenue. It’s all about the grease in this city, always has been.

  4. maybe because everyone in town likes the skudins, and if you dont like them you should move across the bridge to island park with the rest of the wombats

  5. Everyone calm down, has any considered it could just be payback for Skudin Inc. publicly supporting iStar at the Nassau County IDA hearing last month?

  6. listen, i dont agree with money and surfing. for me the two dont mix but if there was a family to do it, its the skudins. all good guys, and local as local gets. we are lucky to have their community services and numerous good things they do for our town. its double edge sword yes, cause i also dont like more people in the water, but if it was innevitable anyway…im thankful its the skudins being the ones doing it.

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