Question: Freshdirect is not in Long Beach. Anybody use Peapod?

A reader who plans on moving to Long Beach asks about the lack of Freshdirect in our city:

“Was there ever an effort to get FreshDirect to deliver to Long Beach? Or is there a similar service out there?

We have Peapod, but I never used the service. How is Peapod in Long Beach? You can always contact Fresh Direct and request Long Beach as a location, but I’m curious how both of these companies compare.

3 Replies to “Question: Freshdirect is not in Long Beach. Anybody use Peapod?”

  1. I’ve used Peapod. They were good, on time, very neat. One caveat: there were things I wanted that weren’t available on their website and there was no option to “write in” anything.

  2. I have used both Peapod and Fresh Direct. I think FD has better quality food by far. If anyone is interested in bringing FD to LB please go to their website and enter our zip code. If there is enough interest maybe FD will start delivery here.

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