We need Long Beach Pride [Guest Post]

Sent in by a reader:

It’s easy to conclude from the trash, endless spent cigarettes and never ending song of blaring car horns that LB has quality of life issues.

There is no place for horns at the beach, unless its a matter of safety. Although many of the day trippers are to blame, our residents add to the problem.

Perhaps a “No Horn” city ordinance with a nice fine attached would motivate?

While many day trippers can’t take the time to find the local trash pail, the residents of our community needs to lead by example and pick up. I would love to see a fine for littering as well.

If we don’t clean up our neighborhood who will.

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  1. Sure, more fines are the answer. Let’s fine drivers $10,000 for blowing their horn. No, better yet $50,000.

    You’re kidding, aren’t you?

    Or is this the kind of new Sea by the City content that meets Gordon’s approval?

  2. What? Are you complaining about car horns or garbage?

    If it’s car horns, I legitimately have no clue what you’re talking about. It’s not better or worse than anywhere.

    If it’s garbage, you’re right, that’s what we get for inviting the entire tristate area to our town for day trips. You can’t however only blame the day trippers, there’s also a huge number of incredibly inconsiderate neighbors who don’t take pride in keeping their property clean or properly disposing their garbage.

  3. Yeah we do need pride, when was the last time you saw a neighbor outside cleaning up the front of their house?

    As for fines, HA! The cops don’t ticket the speeders or people blowing the stop signs as it is. Let’s start with basice enforcement before we move to stuff like this. How about the spend some time in NoPa.

  4. This blog post has completely disappointed me after reading the title and then the post which has nothing to do with gay pride.

    I was very much hoping someone else wanted to see acknowledgement of gay marriage in Long Beach. So many other cities are embracing this most historic event and we got nothing. Not even a mini rainbow flag.

    I say fuck it and BLOW YOUR

  5. While I don’t get the horn issue (we live in a city, so horns are just a fact of life) the point on pride is spot on! I ride my bike all over on the weekends and when I’m in Point Lookout, Lido or AB it always strikes me how beautifully the yards and lawns are maintained. Then when I’m back in Long Beach I see weeds everywhere – growing 3 feet high in the tree wells, along the curbs, along fences, and in between the cracks in the sidewalk. People – residents and business owners – need to wake up and take some pride in and responsibility for their surroundings. I’m not asking for mulching or flower planting (although it would be nice) but at the VERY LEAST everyone needs to buy a bottle of weed-b-gone and get rid of all their darn weeds! It is not the responsibility of the city to maintain the tree wells along the curb and outside of your home – it is YOUR responsibility. I couldn’t believe this weekend when I saw the public works department weeding tree wells along residentials parts of Park Ave in the west end. Residents should be doing this, and if they are unable to then they should hire someone. While I agree that the city should be maintaining the plantings along the street and parking lot medians (and are doing a poor job at the moment) there is no reason why public works should be maintaining residential street – as a home owner it is YOUR JOB! Their time would be better spent actually maintaining the street and parking lot medians. And we shouldn’t be enlisting volunteers to do this either – while the homeowner sits on their front porch sipping their morning coffee and watch other tend to what is their responsibility. I guarantee you that in Point Lookout, Lido and Atlantic Beach residents are relying on no one but themselves to maintain the trees and sidewalks outside of their homes. I don’t know what the answer is, other than to see this change one home at a time until it catches on throughout the city. Maybe then, “visitors” will think twice about littering in our city. People cannot sit around complaining and waiting for the government or a civic association to do things for them. Take some initiative, have some pride and do it yourself. Enjoy the fresh air, meet or talk to your neighbors – do something about all the darn weeds!

  6. Another resident complaining and waiting for someone to do something for them instead of taking things into their own hands. Your right – it is a big deal. Clearly you are passionate, so grab the bull by the horns and organize a celebration. I’m sure tons of people would attend and would be much appreciative of your efforts.

  7. Michael – I don’t disagree with picking up and weeding around our homes and for those homes that have cars parked around an island, just spend a few minutes picking up. As far as the horns, yes we live in the city but our residence need to have patience when sitting waiting for the day trippers to park or the slow poke to turn the corner. I usually see this on Broadway and Park.
    The noise and trash will not help property values.

  8. Michael, thanks for your detailed comments regarding the need for a cleaner, more beautiful Long Beach. While there is much improvement needed, there have been some recent positive changes.

    The City just completed a two-week “Clean Team” effort in the West End, resulting in street sweeping all streets, crews pulling weeds in some Park Avenue medians and tree wells, cleaning sewers, and some painting. Similar Clean Team efforts are scheduled for the balance of the city in coming weeks (see Long Beach web site).

    In addition volunteers and civic groups are planting, weeding and painting. In the West End we have 6 Project Challenge teenagers pulling weeds and picking up garbage. The West End Beautification Association planted 150 annuals and perennials, and also added some planters in front of stores. This weekend 10 volunteers helped paint ticket booths “beachy” colors, and do some clean-ups.

    And soon the West End Beach Entrances will be enhanced with new plantings, a simple but attractive garden enclosure, and other functional changes.

    Further, in the business district the Chamber is providing various business owners with new garbage bins that should hide the garbage that Publius complained about.

    And while there are improvements, more is needed. We need more people to understand the value of a beautiful city…value reflected in homeowner smiles, more business, appreciated housing prices, and efficient use of city and volunteer resources. Education, pride and compliance are needed.

    A beautification strategy and plan is needed that balances costs and benefits, and engages residents and visitors, businesses and the city.

    We’ll build on this year’s enhancements, creating a more beautiful Long Beach.

  9. Why don’t they do an adopt a road program for cleaning and litter removal sponsored by local businesses. It would work great especially on west end. Example would be shines bar is in charge of volunteer for cleaning on north California st.

  10. @liberals – marriage is a sacrament. Churches can deny marriages. States can’t deny unions. Do you know what religious freedom means? Churches have a lot of political opinions for a group that doesn’t pay taxes. Maybe they’ll rent in iStar.

  11. Thanks Ed. Some more for folks to chew on about upkeep in town:

    1. There are many homeowners on nearly every block who do not maintain their sidewalks and curbs – which is their responsibility per the City Municipal Code (Sec 23-11), and who do not keep their sidewalks and gutters clean – also their responsibility per the Code (Sec 23-8), and who do not maintain street trees adjacent to their property – also their responsibility (Sec 23-11.1)
    2. There are merchants (“occupants” – Sec 23-11) and commercial landlords (“owners” – 23-11) who do not maintain their sidewalks and curbs, and who do not keep their sidewalks and gutters clean (23-7 – “merchants”, 23-8 – “owners”), and who do not maintain street trees adjacent to their property (Sec 23-11.1)
    3. Regularly, there is garbage out in front of Park Avenue commercial establishments (“merchants”), who are required to put it out or only allow garbage to remain in front 5:30 am – 7:30am and 9:30am – 11:30am (maybe a typo – should be pm?)

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