7 Replies to “Movie theater is officially open!”

  1. I can understand them wanting to tap the widest, broadest audience possible at reopening, but hopefully the quality of the movies (and coming movies they have listed) will improve as time goes on.

  2. Is this an independent theater? Was really hoping it would follow suit of other independent theaters and be more “artsy” as the city seems trying to become.

    Such as this theater —


    I am not rushing out to see the current showings any time soon.

    The beach’s selection of summer movies are much better!

  3. I also would have preferred an artsy theater but there probably isn’t a huge market for that and a business has to make money to pay the rent. I hope they do well, and the surrounding businesses benefit from them being there.

  4. OMG — so much negativity out there!!! I, too, love the indies at Malverne but will be more than happy to support the Long Beach Cinemas as a frequent theatre-goer. Maybe the current flicks aren’t everyone’s taste, but let’s face it, there’s not much playing out there in general at any other movie theatre other than some action, sci-fi, and superhero movies. BTW–Inside Out, Pixar’s newest animated movie, is supposed to be positively brilliant and more targeted for an adult audience than children. So, c’mon Long Beachers — make a date night with your honeys or friends and support the newest venture that everyone’s been waiting for for so long. My only word of advice to LB Cinemas is to put out some flags or signs to let everyone know they’re open for business!!!

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