9 Replies to “Photo of the Day: Air China Bus Delivery”

  1. I saw a number of Chinese Generals in full dress uniform getting off that shuttle one day. I was starting to worry the war had already started…

  2. I think activity in this building is fairly new, saw people coming and going last week too. It sat dormant for years from what I could tell.

    TECHNICAL MEMORANDUM” from May, 2005 “Air China owns 485 W. Broadway, a building that was formerly a senior hotel. It currently houses Air China employees but is mostly vacant. A $2 million renovation of the building is planned for continued use by Air China employees.”

    Air China uses that location as a “hotel” for their crews rather than having the expense of them staying at a hotel. If they have been doing it since 2005, they have probably made their money back multiple times.

  4. They spend there money at Costco. They have a bus that goes there everyday so they all load up on stuff to bring back to China. They have been in that building for years. The Golden touch shuttle makes multiple trips a day back and forth to JFK (and Costco). Its both flight crews and ground crew that are employees of “Air China” the national carrier of PRC.

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