Q: Do we need garbage receptacles on the side streets?

Last Friday was a very busy beach day. I’m hearing it was one of the busiest in Long Beach history. We got to enjoy lots of traffic, illegally parked cars and blah blah blah. Talk amongst yourselves with those issues. I, on the other hand, just want to use this blog to send a big THANK YOU to the out-of-towner with the Mercedes who left that half eaten sandwich on my front lawn. It was delicious…

Anyway, Do we need garbage receptacles on the side streets? The main roads have them, but the more residential areas get just as dirty. What do you think?


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  1. Police enforcement. Most municipalities have heavy fines and require any plea to include community service. Believe this includes RVC and Freeport.

  2. Nope, this ain’t NYC as much as some people want it to be. We need enforcement as mentioned above, same way no one speedspeeds through Malvern cause the will ticket you.

  3. Anthony…maybe it was the same two morons who parked in my driveway while they ate their Popeye’s and tried to leave their garbage in the street. Of course I knew that they would do it so when I started screaming obscenities at them they picked it up. It was a silver Mercedes with Illinois plates (don’t even get me started on the lack of respect by people who don’t live here. I travel for work at least half the year and I NEVER throw my garbage on the street like that. EVER).

  4. My two cents as I seem to be in a blogging mood today: I support Anthony’s position that we respond to the realities and needs of Long Beach as opposed to our sense of what we wish it were. Perhaps receptacles strategically located on Boulevards and sidestreets or more of them at the base of the boardwalk ramps could be effective during peak season. Now stepping a bit out of bounds of your guidelines Anthony, I would also say that it is not a wise idea to ignore the illegal parking that is occurring around the ends of the Boulevard islands. I don’t want to be a hard ass about this and I do want people to find Long Beach welcoming, but I think unsafe blind spots at the Boulevard intersections and the general sense of “free for all” this kind of parking policy engenders is not a good thing. Paint the ends yellow to give fair warning, create parkIng hash marks to maximize spaces, but don’t ignore sound intersection parking laws.

  5. This is routine in LB and has been for years, and nothing will ever be done to stop it because the City loves the tourists, at the expense of residents. Tourists can do no wrong. And no, we don’t need more garbage cans – they just attract flies because they are never emptied.

  6. I called the LBPD on the fourth and fifth because of the illegal parking on the ends of the island, which blocked drivers’ and pedestrians’ views. I then rode back up and down the two streets where I reported the problem a few hours later. No surprise that the cops did not respond as promised, no one was ticketed and cars blithely and dangerously flew down the streets. Very frustrating…

  7. I also saw no enforcement against people setting off fireworks in the residential streets and malls, I am sure people walking onto the beach without paying was rampant this weekend, a reduction in parking enforcement. It’s obvious LBPD was given a stand-down order for enforcement this weekend. And now I am hearing a story about an incident involving gunfire on National Blvd.

  8. Project 11561 reported more gunshots today at the projects on National Blvd. It seems to me that more shots fired is a lot more important than illegal parking.

  9. Yes, the State Police were in the projects on Friday night and they seized several rifles and shotguns that were being fired in “celebration”. Don’t know why the NYS Troopers were there or if the LBPD was even informed.

  10. We do need trash cans on the main avenues in the center of town going towards the boardwalk. They have them on edwards but not enough of them and they are not emptied enough. Another poster recently identified the laws on the books which deal directly with trash/sidewalks in both residential and commercial districts. We need enforcement. Now.

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