NEWSDAY: Nassau makes tax deal with bankrupt Allegria hotel

Newsday: Nassau makes tax deal with bankrupt Allegria hotel

“The Nassau County Legislature’s Rules Committee has approved a $907,481 settlement with the owner of the bankrupt Allegria hotel in Long Beach.” [LINK]

Don’t forget this from the Herald back in early July:

“…..According to a May 2015 report on the department’s website listing delinquent taxpayers, Rosenberg and Alrose Allegria LLC owe a total of $4.4 million in withholding and sales and use taxes from December 2011 through April 2014. The latest tax lien on the hotel, according to state tax warrants,shows unpaid back taxes of $189,377 as of July 1. [LINK]




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  1. This is only for hotel occupancy taxes, not the withholding or sales taxes they owe to NYS. Does anyone know how much they owed the county?

  2. Wonder how much Rosenberg paid himself in salary and bonus for cutting this deal. Let’s stick the Nassau homeowners with yet another expense. Is there any end to screwing the middle class?

    Seems like the Democrats take from us to give to the poor, while the Republicans take from us to give to the rich.

    Time to get out.

  3. What a kick in the ass of honest, legitimate businesses that pay their witholding.

    What’s unique about this abatement is that the money was already collected by the Allegrea from its guests through a line-item entry on each bill. The Allegrea was just the custodian of these funds.

    The County has let them dip right into the County’s purse and take their money.

  4. I wonder if the County/City would give us the same deal if we just stopped paying our property taxes for 10 years, and then could negotiate for some percentage on the back taxes owed? What a laugh, I guess they made political contributions to both parties to get this deal. Another corrupt scam, just like the IDA projects.

  5. “Nassau’s Industrial Development Agency Tuesday unanimously granted developer Bruce Ratner nearly $4.5 million in tax breaks to renovate the Nassau Coliseum.”

    This just in…. supporters of the Long Beach Republicans are blaming Torres Eramo and Adamo for this deal.

  6. So wait Allison that gives them a license to steal? They collect these funds for a stated purpose and do not turn over to who the funds belong to that is stealing! Then getting to keep a large portion of the money collected which actually belongs to the citizens of the state, county and city thus stealing from us all

  7. Was at the Allegria bar on Friday afternoon with a friend from out of town. There were 9 staff standing around and 13 patrons in total. One bartender worked, another in the bar area moving existing bottles around (why?), and another who was filling chip bowls. There were another four men to move two couches from one side of the place to another, even though they were on dollies. One stood by with a tray in his hand, although only two people were eating. Boggles the mind. Poor management, untrained staff, no warmth and no personality. Wonder why they’re bankrupt?

  8. So businesses should pay 1/6th of their taxes just because they employ people? Well guess what – when I spend money as a consumer, I employ people as well.

  9. This is where progressives and conservatives can unite. This is croney capitalism at its worst. Big govt and big corps working together to screw the middle class. Does the average family get to negotiate with the county/city to cut their taxes because they can’t pay?

  10. This is humiliating! This is what Long Beach is worth? We can all yell about how beach front property just an hours train ride from NY is worth so much but here is the value! Here it is! Another real estate scheme this time disguised as a hotel tomorrow it will be rentals and nobody will do anything because no one wants to face that the problem is US! Fool me once shame on you, fool me over and over and over again with the same exact bullshit- shame on us both because we are in this together! This is truly disgusting!

  11. FWIW, I was at the Allegria bar Friday night with my wife from about 730-830 and it was very busy. I had not been there since attending a party about 5 years ago. The drink and apps were good, as was the service. That being said, I have heard from several out-of-towners over the last 2 years that the rooms were not well maintained and the hotel service was very poor.

  12. Governments (local, state, federal) often make compromises with their debtors, just like other creditors do. Various factors go into that decision. If I sue, will I collect? If I sue and the business shuts down, will I collect? If the company goes out of business, what future business/tax revenues will I get from the owner, parcel, etc.? Specific to a government authority — how many people are employed? What taxes do they pay? What will happen to the property if it shuts down? etc.

    And the more you owe your creditors, typically, the more power you have.

    The question of compromising with Allegria, then, is which of those factors were at play and how did they each cut.

    The i-Star situation is a different kettle of fish. Little employment will be gained from the project in the long term, it does not meet the typical public policy concerns for IDA tax relief, and i-Star misled the City (or at least its residents) about what it needed to get started.

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