Oceanfront Conceptual Cultural Park. Let’s discuss this idea.

Part of the Comprehensive Plan/LWRP is this Oceanfront Conceptual Cultural Park idea for the Foundation Block (between Edwards, Broadway & Riverside). What do you all think?

Looking at this image, I didn’t realize residential units were part of the idea. I love the open space and potential of having it used for events. I know many of you won’t complain about the multi-level parking garage.

I realize so many of you see this all as a pipe dream, but like the NY Lottery: hey, you never know. You can’t have walkable oceanfront property a stone throw away from NYC sitting vacant forever. parking

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  1. I sorta get the design and utility for people on the boardwalk, but why would whoever owns the land want to put residential facing away from the ocean? Seems kinda backwards.

  2. in this architectural rendering Long Beach looks like a Big City or like Rockaway…what is this penchant for transforming our barrier island beach home into a crowded, overbuilt city….didn’t we all come to the beach to have a break from that????

  3. We need greenery bad here in LB…somewhere to go aside from the beach to lay a blanket down and chill! Last week after going to beach everyday and annoyed by the sand my husband and I just wanted to take the baby somewhere like a park in a huge green field to enjoy the scenery and relax! but we also didn’t want to leave LB. I just hope if we ever got green space here it wouldnt be an exclusive place just for events or a reservation type setting when people with connections will always be at the top of the list! Just a nice green space…with benches and nice trees.

  4. When Long Beach was developed by Reynolds, it had a nice grassy “Village Green” next to the Boardwalk between Edwards and Riverside.

    It was a well manicured raised grass field with a large tile roofed band gazebo.

    People would lay out on blankets or folding chairs much as they do in Central Park.

  5. Nikkia: Odd that you come to LB and complain about sand.

    There’s a wonderful park on the bayfront from Washington to National Blvds. Benches, fishing pier, trees, ice rink, rec center, boat ramp and dock, and a skateboard park. Try it.

  6. This is a great idea, but like everything else in LB it’s a great idea with no authorization. Has anybody consulted with the family that actually OWNS this property? This isn’t another iStar. This family has owned the property forever and has no plan for a park. Before we go out and purchase the grass seed, we should at the very least, speak to the owners.
    Just my opinion.

  7. “Wonderful park”??? You’re joking aren’t you? A strip of grass in front of people homes from Washington to Magnolia is considered a park? If that the case let’s start inviting day-trippers to bring chairs and towels and lay out on the grass. And what riparian water rights do those homeowners have to that bulkhead anyway? Isn’t the CDBG money going to re-bulkhead that linear frontage? Sounds like if it’s state or federal money then I should have just as much right to that bulkhead(and park as you call it) as the next person. And the dock? No one can tie up there and visit the “wonderful park”. What passes as wonderful in Long Beach is a third rate attempt at something. The rec center and ice rink are antiquated dumps. You can go to a YMCA in the middle of Ohio and eat off the floor. You can get a staph infection walking around just about any facility in Long Beach.

  8. I didnt complain about the sand I just needed a break and I live here. I simply made a comment stating that I would like green grass to lay in and relax with my family…thats all. I will try it thanks.

  9. Oh thats the are the perdon was referring to? I thought something was built near the Rec that I was unaware of…Thanks for clearing that upfor me.

  10. the only rendering of long beach is the top one. the other two are of projects elsewhere that help viewers get a feel for what’s possible (creating open spaces, not dense cities).

  11. at the public meetings it was clearly acknowledged that this parcel was privately owned and that anything resembling the image above would need to be a public private partnership and would require the owners cooperation. the residential units lining the edges of the park would help make it profitable, as would parking fees and the occasional paid event (concert) on the park space.

  12. yes. you are correct. except that the owners have expressed in the past , absolutely no interest in this type of development. it’s all pr smoke by the administration to take the attention away from the iStar debacle. personally, I think this is the smartest plan, but it’s pure fantasy and it is consistent with all of the failed projects that this group has fumbled.
    Just my opinion.

  13. @ N. Meyer if you like ” green”, the Long Beach School ball fields are beautiful, Lindell, the Middle school in Lido, by the golf course, great at sunrise, its truly a beautiful area. As a School tax payer, the fields are open to the public during non- school hours and activities.

  14. Yes, and most of the grass is fake, consisting of dyed plastic bags and shredded tires. You paid $3 million for ripping out the live grass and dumping this stuff.

    But we must fight plastic bags.

  15. You probably have a right to using your blanket on that parkland. Research Kalin v. The City of LB. Mr Kalin owned the frozen custard store on the BW many years ago. City of LB was going to make beach residents only. Mr. Kalin sued and won. See any residents only on the beach lately?

  16. What’s LB’s fixation with getting excited riled up over imaginary plans (this, imagine LB, imaginary Fairway)? You’ll get what they give you whether or not you want/asked for it (skate park, stadium).

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