14 Replies to “Primary Thread [Election 2015]”

  1. Anthony, “Independents”(those not affiliated with any political party) are not eligible to vote today. Only those registered as democrats or registered as members of the “IndepenCe” party. A lot of people may have registered themselves to the ‘independence” line thinking they were independent so they are eligible to vote. If you did not choose a party when you registered (a true Independent) you are not eligible to vote in this primary.

    If you are unsure of what you registered as you can check right here https://voterlookup.elections.state.ny.us/votersearch.aspx

  2. Only Democrats and Independence Party can vote today. If you are registered as nothing – a big blank- or as Republican then you do not vote.

    Dems have their 5 to choose from
    Independence have their 6 to choose from

    Independence ticket is filled with a mix of Repub & old Dem

  3. From what I read yesterday, Torres, Adamo, Eramo publicly stated to residents that they did not support the iStar tax abatement but actually did endorse it and there is a document to prove this? They lied at the meeting in May? So why would anyone vote for them?

  4. They are Republicans, but the Independence Party like what they had to say and gave them the opportunity to Primary (today) the Democrats. Therefore VOTE Lomonte Quinn Higgins!

  5. Yes. How would one vote for them with this big lie? Not hid well. Because it’s all over the IDA materials. If you vote for them, you are OK with lying and hiding the istar support and someone else controlling them. That’s your call. But that’s what it is.

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