28 thoughts on “Appeals were denied? Who can translate this stuff?”

  1. In short, here’s what these orders say:

    The City took land from several people, claiming the taking was for the public good. It paid these people about $4,000,000 for the property. This was the amount that was considered “fair market value,” or what the land would fetch were it sold.

    The owners claimed that by assembling the lots into a single parcel, the value was more than the sum of its single lots.

    The court agreed and ordered the taxpayers of the City of Long Beach to pay the previous owners $12,000,000.

    In summery — more incompetence by elected officials and more tax burden on Long Beach property owners.

    Feel free to correct me if my quick assessment missed something.

  2. The City subsequently appealed the decision and lost. The money has to be paid. It comes out to about $4,000 per homeowner, not counting the condos and coops.

  3. The City took the Superblock from private property owners more than a decade ago, which prompted this case.

    The property owners felt their land was stolen to give to a politically connected developer. They felt the land was worth more than the City paid them.

    They sued for more money. They won.

    The City appealed and lost this month, even though the NYS Conference of Mayors filed a brief supporting the City.

    Now you have to pay for the misdeeds of the people you elected.

  4. Beware that your elected officials want this kept under the rug and that swift retaliation will come to anyone talking about this in the open.

  5. TRANSPARENCY!!!! Where is Adelson now??? Why wasn’t this posted on the City website/Facebook page ( as if I don’t know)? Was that Gordie I saw with that huge shovel yesterday? was he trying to “bury” this? I cannot wait to hear Mr. Torres give his LSD induced explanation for this one. Will Goggin even understand that it’s MILLIONS not CENTS???
    Just my opinion

  6. Who was in charge when this took place originally?
    Is this the 50 million dollar law suit against members of ZBA and Klein or is that different?
    Who was the Developer?

    Please don’t say Democrat or Republican, I’d really like to know the specifics if one can provide them .
    Thank you.

  7. The administrating has changed a few times since this started. What has not changed it tie city lawyers Klein and Agostisi have been heading this up all the way through. Yet no administration will rid themselves of this failure.

  8. The managing editor has received many complaints about Asbury. That rag has a real problem finding writers and usually must resort to college kids.

  9. Jay, no reason for junk bond status. The City will just raise taxes another 50%. Then we’ll get that AAA rating again and we can borrow more!

  10. Well that NYT article pretty much clears it up! GOP was not in charge when this debacle started back at the turn of the century. Perhaps someone can call up the esteemed Joel Crystal and ask him to shed some light.

  11. But Jay don’t you find it funny how no matter how much we yell about the excessive bonding, the average voter just does not seem to pay attention or care? I truly worry about our populous and their ability to keep the greatest gift bestowed upon them by our founding fathers.

  12. Hey besides the future taxes in LB from excess borrowing to pay your regular recurring costs we have all the bonding the county keeps doing so we will get the double tax increase from city and county. And we cant forget how we people will always vote to support the school budget which is another ever increasing tax burden.

  13. I’m starting to accept the reality that I will most likely not be able to stay in LB for life, as I had planned. It’s a hard one to face…but the ever-increasing taxes, complete fiscal mismanagement, unqualified and corrupt council, closing of our downtown stores are making it a bit easier pill to swallow.

    I’m really hoping for some new council members.

  14. Unsustainable, you are spot on. If the crime of being a jerk were indictable, then most of City Hall should be in jail. Is it reasonable to be chasing this guy in criminal court over a boiler? Is that how my administration spends their time and my tax dollars? If this is the case, then why isn’t our City Mgr indicted for his crimes? He knows what they are? Why does the Council remain after they covered up the crimes? I continue to believe we deserve the nitwits that we vote for. If LB wants these people then we must accept the consequences, and the consequences are coming soon.

  15. “If you don’t like the things I write, feel free to skip over them”

    I agree with that statement and will apply it to the entire blog. I might post articles that people don’t like or agree with, just please skip them. Nobody is making you read it.

  16. I’m no Doomsday oracle, but I’m envisioning a not-far-off day where Long Beach has to declare bankruptcy. Our insanely high taxes won’t be an issue because our homes will be worthless. Just saying…

  17. A majority of LB voters think bonds are “free money”. Long Beach finances are looking more like Puerto Rico’s. A fiscal bankruptcy is coming – the sooner the better. Because the longer its put off, the more money they are going to bleed from the taxpayers. There is no endgame possible, the level of bonding is unsustainable and it can’t be paid off.

  18. Don’t fear bankruptcy – embrace it. The bondholders will negotiate and take a haircut, the taxpayers will be spared, and the resulting City finances will become more responsible by necessity, as mandated by a bankruptcy judge.

  19. @sam – you’re painting far too positive a picture of bankruptcy. Before it would get that far they will tax the shit out of everyone to prove to the courts they tried. This may even include a city income tax on residents.

    After bankruptcy is official, years later – taxes stay high, but the income tax rate goes down. I’m using Detroit as a model here – since there aren’t a lot of municipalities that have declared bankruptcy.

    Here’s an idea…

    The city could try a reverse gun buy back – where the people they bought guns off of can claim a gun for the money given to them by the city.

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