Edwards Boulevard reconstruction / Long Beach Streets think tank

From Long Beach Streets:

A few months ago, the Economic Development / Planning Department proposed this for the $Million+ Edwards Boulevard reconstruction. We took their sketches and gave them a modern renovation. What’s your thought on these two suggestions? Bike lanes in the middle vs curbside can be applied elsewhere.

The two concerns we immediately addressed were:
1. travel & parking lanes kept at the old wide standard – 2′ more than necessary. Bike lanes at 5′ are 1′ less than suggested. When we say suggested from here on out we mean NACTO standards.

2. Bike lanes curbside highly problematic due to storm drains & debris, inability to create protected lanes, risk of double-parking, and the inherently dangerous nature of curbside cuts / turning cars at intersections and driveways.

We’d like to tweak this a bit and have them ready for the eventual community outreach as was promised.



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