I know my mind is working because I smell something burning. (My ‘Trying to catch up’ Post).

RIPPED EAST LB 2016-01-18 09.54.18

My sources are telling me that Cha-ba Thai might actually really just be temporarily closed . The reason? Personal changes. [KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!]

2016-01-07 15.25.33

iStar Superblock: Will it come down to Residents vs. Unions? Newsday  has a new article today: Long Beach developers seek $109M in tax breaks

There is so much to talk about with that article.. perhaps I’ll save that for a separate post.

2016-01-16 14.05.38

Progress with the pee, poop and shower station at Lincoln blvd; where we are expected to shower, poop and pee: 2016-01-16 14.11.58

As of Sunday, January 17th the Holiday Lights at Jones Beach are still up. They aren’t lit, but fun to drive through with the kids during the day.

2016-01-17 10.31.48-1

Excited for the new  Bungalow East to open in the East End. My sources are telling me they are finalizing the menu. I like purple. 2016-01-18 11.40.25


And finally… I miss the brick.

2016-01-07 15.55.58



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