Long Beach Brewing Company, Inc. – KICKSTARTER!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.59.04 PMBrewing craft beer with a local vibe. Please help us raise the funds for the next step, bringing Long Beach, NY its first farm brewery.

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Long Beach Brewing Company, Inc. consists of three Long Beach locals who love to make beer. Our focus will be to continue making great beer to serve in our community and beyond. All three partners will be brewing, but each brings a unique skill set to the brew kettle.

Brett Blau – Brett is our founder of Long Beach Brewing Company Inc. He will be overseeing operation of the company as a whole, including marketing, advertising and sales. He has been President of his own television production company for the last 15 years. His experience running a company will help immediately. Also, his 27 years in the television industry will give the brewery a leg up on marketing and advertising. That is a big expense that many breweries use a significant amount of their budget on. That cost will be nonexistent. The three emmys he won doesn’t hurt either.

Patrick Harten – Patrick is our resident chemist. His background in undergrad bio chem will be instrumental in making our beers perfect. He has been an air traffic controller in the country’s busiest airspace, the tristate area, for 16 years. The high pressure, quick decision nature of his job will be an invaluable tool for the variable world of operating a brewery. Most importantly, he was the controller who cleared the air space for US Airways Flight 1549 so Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger could make the spectacular, historic landing in the Hudson River named “The Miracle on the Hudson”. Clint Eastwood is currently making a film about that day and Patch Darragh will be playing our very own Patrick in the film.

Dan Scandiffio – Dan is our steamrolling chief of brewing operation. He has been a co-owner of Lenny and John’s Pizzeria, an Italian restaurant staple in Marine Park, Brooklyn that has been in business for 47 years. Dan has been running and managing it for the last 27. This gives us invaluable experience in the knowledge of stock flow, general kitchen management and overseeing a staff. His creative asset is when he has an idea, he literally won’t stop until he sees it to finish. He also has one hell of a knack with mechanical work, so he will be the point man for all those emergencies tasks.

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