My Name is Jonas [to be updated all weekend]

Rather than doing a million weather posts, I’ll just keep updating this one whenever I can. I’m not a weather man, so expect my typical stupid stuff.


Saturday, 1:56 pm:

Hey New York Islanders & New York Mets fans, here is CJ Papa talking to our City Manager on FIOS1:  No major flooding from morning high tide in Long Beach. Just one minor flooding spot on the bay side, says city manager

Saturday, 1:39 pm:

News12:  Gov. Cuomo orders LIE travel ban, LIRR suspension

Parkways closed 2:30pm, LIRR stops 4pm. So if you have tickets to something in the city such as The Book of Mormon, looks like you’re out of luck. Hasa Diga Eebowai!!!

Saturday, 11:06 am:

Park looks pretty good. 
Saturday, 9:17 am:
I’m receiving reports of frozen pants running amok around the city. This photo was taken late last night. [They’re coming to get you, Barbara….]


Saturday, 9:06 am:
Watch Video: Stacey Sager is live in [Long Beach] with the latest details [WABC News]. This video was taken Friday night in the Canals.

Saturday, 8:16 am:
So far I think the NY Post prediction is off. The Oscars are still whiter.  

Saturday, 8:12 am:
Looks like the real concern will be Sunday night: 

Friday, 10:48 pm:
It’s snowing.


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