Are any of you following the hot mess that’s going on with our housing authority attorney? [opinion]

Here are a bunch of articles floating around regarding our Long Beach Housing Attorney Gerald Terry:

Newsday January 31sth: Dem chair has 6 government jobs, $1.4M tax debt

“[Gerald] Terry, 61, a private practice lawyer from Roslyn Heights, earned more than $217,000 last year from six government positions controlled by Democratic Party officials or in party enclaves. He made nearly $70,000 total to work as the attorney for the Freeport Community Development Agency, Roosevelt Library Board and Long Beach Housing Authority. Terry was paid another $74,000 as North Hempstead Town’s special counsel and attorney for the board of zoning appeals. And he received $75,000 to work for the Democratic commissioner at the Nassau County Board of Elections.

Despite his six-figure income funded by taxpayer dollars, Terry has since 2000 amassed nearly $1.2 million in federal liens from the Internal Revenue Service and more than $205,000 in state tax warrants. His federal debt increased by nearly $163,000 in October 2015, when the IRS issued a lien for unpaid taxes in 2012 and 2014. [LINK]

Newsday February 1st: Gerard Terry to resign as North Hempstead Democratic leader

“To restore full confidence, the Roosevelt Library Board, the Freeport Community Development Agency and the Long Beach Housing Authority all have to explain why and how Terry got their legal business. [LINK]

And when you are done with that, read this comment that was written on the Long Beach Republican Committee facebook group, where they call on “the City of Long Beach and the Housing Authority to immediately fire Gerard Terry.”

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