LB Medical Campus getting 40 out of 170?

“South Nassau Communities Hospital is proposing to spend $40 million of $170 million in potential federal and state reimbursements on a medical arts pavilion in Long Beach and the remainder on an expansion at its Oceanside campus.”

Read the entire article at Newsday:  South Nassau Communities Hospital proposes $40M of $170M for Long Beach

What a great investment for South Nassau Community Hospital. They really played their cards right on this one. I don’t remember how much Sandy damage they had in Oceanside, but oh boy are they benefiting from our loss here in LB by their purchase. I guess at this point, we are lucky to get anything.

I was talking to a local business owner recently regarding the impact this has been on our downtown.  With LB Med gone, so many jobs have been lost. These are people who would eat lunch at our restaurants, shop at our stores. All gone. I do hope this proposed-Arts Pavilion at least comes into fruition, but yeah we need some industry here in LB if we really want to help out downtown out. Just my opinion.


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