A new proposal for a full service Long Beach Medical Center: It’s booze or nothing


APRIL FOOLS! After saying a full service medical center in Long Beach would lose $10 million a year, SNMC is back with a new proposal in response to strong resident criticism. Calling it a last ditch effort, SNMC’s new plan would include a full service 24 hour bar/emergency room which would serve hard liquor, wine and local craft beers.

“It would be a steady and much needed revenue stream. A liquor license application has been submitted, so now it’s a waiting game. There is literally nothing else we can do to make a full service hospital work in Long Beach,” a hospital spokesperson tells SBTC, “It’s booze or nothing.”

SNMC hopes to have the booze hospital open by 2018. You will need to be 21 and older to be admitted.


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