New Stuff on our sidewalks: Pots and Bins

I know I’m late to the party here with some of this stuff. Here are new recycle bins. These make more sense than those terrible black ones, especially since we now have streamlined recycling. No need for three confusing bins. I appreciate how these are blue. What’s going on with the black ones? No idea. Perhaps there is a recycling bin graveyard? But we still have a contract with the company who runs them, so I don’t see them going away anytime soon.e8be831a-1cc3-496b-a7fd-5e9c9e508c7f

c1672b37-74b4-4eff-97a4-4c262555a77dOk flower pots. These are really pretty, but our sidewalks are narrow. I know LB Streets is going apeshit over these.  I completely get their point:

“Public sidewalks, private planning. The most crowded sidewalk in the entire city is no longer fully accessible for people with strollers, wheelchairs, visually impaired or access needs. ‪#‎IncompleteSidewalks‬‪#‎UnbeautificationProject‬ ‪#‎EpicFailLB‬

My problem is whether or not these pots will be maintained, or end up being garbage receptacles.  Also, will this help our downtown when garbage still piles up on Saturday nights while folks are strolling for dinner? I still wish there was more of a plan to actually overhaul things. Right now this comes across as lipstick on a pig.

Disclaimer: I am kinda part of a city committee that talked about these pots, but had no idea of locations and the fact that they were actually ordered. I will try to be more about the solution making these work better., but this was a perfect chance for me to make the following photoshop and just had to do it. piglipstick


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