Earth Arts (162 W. Park Ave) is accepting donations for those effected by the Ecuador Earthquake (TODAY 12-3pm)

From Earth Arts (162 W. Park Ave):

Please help! Drop off supplies at Earth Arts TODAY from 12-3pm

ONCE AGAIN WE NEED YOUR HELP!The earthquake in Ecuador has been devastating. As a community recovering from a natural disaster we know how hard it is in the beginning. A close friend of ours has family and friends there going through this nightmare. If you can Please bring to earth arts any of the following supplies from 12-3:00 pm tomorrow. We will get it to our friends.

“Hi dear all: reaching out to your generous hearts in times of disaster. As you all may know, there was an earthquake in my hometown, Manta, Ecuador.
Buildings and houses collapsed, bridges felt to ground, people have nothing left. There is an Ecuadorian travel agency offering to send free of charge items to help such as: blankets, toiletries, dry milk, diapers, vitamins, insect repellent. I am planning to collect all these items between today and tomorrow and send it tomorrow afternoon by 3 pm. please help me out in this cause.

May God bless your hearts

Ah! If any of you have those army food leftover from Sandy, I could take them too.” Thank you once again you are an amazing community and we are blessed to be s part of it.13061952_10153818414734475_390637323360727325_n

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