RFP for bayfront water services: Sunset cruises, water taxies, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.50.42 AMThe city just put a RFP out for bayfront water services. I love the idea of a water taxi, but I’m not sure where it will go. The Nautical Mile in Freeport, I guess? Back and forth to Pop’s in Island Park? Maybe a connection to Point Lookout?

Sunset Cruises. Let’s face it, that’s another name for a booze cruise, right? 😉  I’m actually not opposed to that. What I would really love is to be able to walk to a fishing party boat that doubles as a seal watching vessel. Of course I can always take the LB Water Taxi to Freeport or Point lookout for those services. I can go on and on with this topic. Ah, life is fun. Read for more info:

Link: Operation of Bayfront Water Services at City of Long Beach Recreation Complex


The City of Long Beach is seeking proposals from qualified vendors capable of operating a seasonal water service located in the City of Long Beach adjacent to the City’s Recreation Complex along West Bay Drive. Such services may include, but are not limited to, sunset cruises, water taxi operations and other water related activities.

The primary purpose of the bay front water services is to provide City residents and visitors with services that will build upon the identity of the City of Long Beach as a recreational destination and encourage residents and visitors to utilize the many amenities available in the City. The City views bay front water services as a prime link in the City’s efforts to continue to promote the economic development of the City. The successful proposer will be required to provide a centralized point of information for water services relative to the various businesses, restaurants, and historic and cultural assets of the City.

The City of Long Beach will be selecting one (1) proposer from this solicitation to both furnish and install a floating dock, and operate the water services. The contract period for this solicitation is five (5) years. In order to effectuate a successful operation, as part of the contract, the City will allow the successful proper to rent for a monthly fee the Gazebo Offices located thereat for ticket sales and restrooms for its patrons and staff.

Please read the terms of service before you comment.