Work being done at Granada Towers. Ahh the rumors. Don’t fear the rumors. [UPDATED]

granadaReader comment on facebook:

“There was cracking on the supporting corner column and on Riverside. Now they are repairing it. No need for fear, it is being fixed.

It also sounds like it’s a mix of minor-structural and cosmetic. Nothing to worry about. We are all just going nuts over that terrace collapse from last week. I love this building, so I am glad it’s getting some upgrades and beautification.

original story:

I never used Dr. Leo, but I hear he is a great Chiropractor. Are you wondering why his office is now in a trailer on Park Avenue? Well it’s for a very good reason. My source described ‘very thick wooden support beams recently being install to support the structure.’ Are we talking the full structure?  Much like the recent-Hermine storm, its hard to forecast what potential damage could have happened, but work is getting done. Phew!

Along with those ‘corner band-aids’ in the above photo, there has been some controversy with this beautiful National Historic Building. Some of you might recall my past blogs: