US Coast Guard Station, Long Beach NY c. pre 1918. Is that smaller building part of Shine’s today?

A long time reader of the blog sent me the following: Anthony – This is a photo that I obtained from the US Coast Guard, office of the historian years ago.  It depicts the USCG Station in Long Beach NY c. pre 1918, when it burned down.  It is said to have been sited “Near NY Avenue.”

It is of interest for several reasons.  If you look closely at the left end of the building near to the eaves, there are two arrows. The arrow closest to the building points to a low black building.  That building was Oscars Fishing Station a long time fixture in the West end.  Oscar’s stood in the bayfront street end, west side of Pennsylvania  Avenue, and was still there in the 1960’s. I have asked two old geezers who actually bought bait there and they confirm that that is Oscars.

A second arrow to the left of the first points to the remains of The Flushing Fishing Club which was across the bay roughly opposite the Delaware Avenue Street end. The land on that side of the bay was and still is owned by the Village of Lawrence, NY.  The fishing club building fell down in the 1960’s.

At the right edge of the picture is a small building which is part of the Coast Guard Station.  Anecdotal history says that Part of Shine’s Bar on West Beech Street  “was the old LB Coast Guard Station” and I think that this is it.  All early CG Stations were built just like this building to house the life boat and equipment.  Crews were local fishermen who lived at their homes near the station  There are good postcard pictures on the net of the Old Pt Lookout CG station and this is a match.

If you go to Shines bar, look at the small part of the building that houses the bar itself. Small room, low ceiling, just the size to hold a lifeboat.