And the blog relaunch reviews are in!

“I wish you would fix your spelling errors. You write like a child. It would have been interesting to read about Steven’s Pasta returning and where they will be and talk about the new Greek restaurant that replaced the LB Diner. That was very insensitive to say the LB Diner is dead. It fed a lot of people and brought friends together every day. This could be such a better website if you had a writer who actually cared about the city and if you cared more about yourself. There is so much to write about our unique city. Read books, learn something new, help the world. Do something useful. Writing this site is not your talent.” –

I believe I wrote: Long Beach Diner is Dead. Long Live Long Beach Diner! I guess this blog critic never heard of that particular saying.

In my ten years of running SBTC, this was the first hate mail I’ve ever received! So thank you! I think you just convinced me to end the blog again because I forgot how many nasty people there are in Long Beach.

Just to add: I have always said that writing was never my forte.  I always struggled with it. Readers have enjoyed my blog because of my take on things, my point of view.  Not my writing style.  I could do more research on topics, but who’s paying me to do that? Search for anything regarding Long Beach, NY and my blog will somehow be in the top searches for any topic. As of today I have 3232 blog posts published. Nobody has paid me to do this. I have no agenda here. I just do this as a hobby. See those annoying ads that pop up?  They bring me nothing! Seriously, if you don’t like the blog then don’t visit it. Or start your own blog. I’ll even share your link.

I just find this comment completely annoying. I’ve been bullied. Sued twice and sued back three times (all a complete wash). I had all, but one City Council Candidate answer my questions prior to the 2017 election. The City Manager Jack Schnirman met with me several times, picking my ears on my take of things. Probably not because they enjoy my writing  style, but because they know the impact this blog has made on our city. I could list a whole bunch of positive things this blog has brought to Long Beach, but I won’t. I know my long time readers know the impact it has made. Like I said, this was the first negative letter I have every received. And oh boy, does it make me feel like shit. By the way, I really have done a lot of useful stuff for Long Beach. Go back and search through all 3,232 posts and you will be quite surprised.