Here are two Instagram pages that I really enjoy: Houses and Cars!

Although not everybody enjoys this blog, there was a time when SBTC was one of the only games in town when it came to Long Beach and the internet. Today, Long Beach is definitely well represented on social media. Many pages suck (like this blog), many are great (not this blog). I really enjoy the niche ones- Ya pick a topic and roll with it!  Here are two that I really enjoy. They’re both on instagram. I’m sure you’re going to recognize a lot of their content, so check it out!

Houses of Long Beach, NY
Long Beach has some amazing architecture. This Instagram account captures it perfectly!


Cool Cars of Long Beach, NY.
A ‘cool car’ is  subjective here, as this instagram is definitely more whimsical. I really appreciate it, especially when there’s a crazy car I see around town being captured on social media.

Oh, that reminds me. SBTC is on instagram. Please follow me!

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