BEWARE OF FAKE NEWS. [Facebook drama]

Beware of the fake news sites out there. I will compile a list.

  1. The Long Beach Factbook on Facebook is Fake News. My comment was deleted and I was blocked minutes after posting on there. Project 11561 has a hilarious thread where people are posting screenshots of their comments before they are deleted.  Why do I believe LB Factbook is fake news? Well, I think it is being run by a current city worker who would lose a lot if the current admin in charge changes hands. Long Beach Factbook was also very active during the last election, when I successfully called out two other FAKE NEWS site that targeted John Bendo [LINK 1] [LINK 2]. This Factbook site is basically doing the same:Targeting John Bendo, our savior of Long Beach.  Why is this Factbook deleting comments and blocking people? I suggest the author of that site speak up and tell us why they are doing that.
  2.  (more to come)
  3. Oh and I am working on getting that list of names that were supposed to be recipients of that 2.1 million dollar bond. It’s going to come out eventually. Somebody is going to post it.