Conspiracy Thursday! (Because we all need a little drama in our lives)

Did Knights of the Templar hide holy relics in Long Beach?  Was the illuminati the architects of our original Boardwalk?  Did the Dread Pirate Roberts really hide millions of gold coin on or near coordinates 40.589330-73.666453?  Was 1930’s Mayor Edwards really a space alien sent to Long Beach to solve the future parking crisis? 

You know what that means: It’s Conspiracy Thursday

Long time readers of the blog might remember Conspiracy Thursday, my short-lived blog series where I questioned the weird and unexplained. Some past topics include the lack of pony rides in LB [link], if the LB Patch was manipulating the weather to bring hits to their website [link], and whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo brought the Holiday Lights back to Jones Beach to win some Long Island votes [link]. Well, the latest has to do with this blog itself!

With that  mean email I posted the other day came lots of speculation. Several readers (at least 10) seem to think that nasty email was a pre-emptive attack to discourage me from blogging again, saying it was timed right before the budget shortfall news. I received several messages like this:

Anthony, I’m pretty sure it’s the Long Beach puppeteers, the Democrat and Republican Party bosses, and their patronage dependents, who are trying to knock you out of the box.

They’re terrified that you are preparing to endorse candidates for the city council, who will ride the Bendo wave and put Long Beach on the right track.

The Long Beach DOMS welcome you back. We’re with you all the way!  – Richard Boodman

I don’t know.. it’s plausible, but I never know what to believe around here. I really don’t think anybody in the city would do that because it just seems so pathetic. There are a lot of angry grammar and writing folks out there. There are also plenty of people who don’t seem to understand what a blog is. Heck, to stroke my ego, that would be kinda cool if it was a political attack. It would make this blog legit. But probably not. What do you folks think?