FYI: New Jobs / Hires. [Some Opinions]

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Some of these jobs are needed. Some of the names on this list are people who have multiple jobs with our city already. Some of these jobs are not needed. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Unless I can be proven otherwise. This is my tax money and the Jay Jacobs controlled City Council are using our hard earned Long Beach tax dollars foolishly. Our city was just downgraded by Moody’s [LINK], yet our city keeps spending and spending and spending and spending. Again, some of these jobs are needed, but those folks with the cushy jobs should be ashamed of themselves how they’re ripping the taxpayers off. Things will change next November. Social media will make the change happen big time.

UPDATE: A resident named Katherine asks: Which of these jobs were planned and accounted for in the budget? Yeah, I would love to know myself!

Just some of my opinions here, but even brutal ones are being shared on various Facebook pages. Go look for yourself.

UPDATE: I just want to clarify that some of these jobs listed in that spreadsheet are needed for our city to operate. Not all of them, in my opinion.