Gentle Brew Boardwalk Location has reopened. Park Avenue not yet.

The Gentle Brew Boardwalk location has reopened. Park Avenue will take a bit longer.

Gentle Brew still needs our help! Please support this important local business that has successfully been a staple in our community for over eight years. Unlike the American Bank and Auto Industry with their billion dollar bailout for making shitty cars and bad financial decisions, Gentle Brew’s story is different. Please read more about it on the Go Fund Me page, which was not created by Gentle Brew, but by another local business owner:

Unrelated to the Gentle Brew stuff. I have a Poll for my readers: How many of you have paid a contractor cash to avoid sales tax? Please raise your hand. HOLY SHIT, THAT MANY? SO ALL OF YOU WILLINGLY DIDN’T PAY YOUR SALES TAXES? Or were you down on your luck with legal fees and expenses and just couldn’t keep up with payments?