Meet Tim Kramer, Democratic Candidate for Long Beach City Council [Election 2019]

Seven democrats are running for Long Beach City Council this year. A Primary Election on June 25th will narrow that number down to just three. I decided to send some questions over to a few of these candidates to find out more about them. First up is Tim Kramer, a democrat who is running independently from any party collective. Enjoy!

Hi, Tim. Please tell us about yourself and your involvement with our community.

I’ve been living here for 33 years. My wife and I own a home where we raise our two boys Cooper (14) and Chase (8). They both attend the Long Beach Public Schools. C and L Auto Leasing and Sales is my locally owned business servicing the tri-state area (and the Mom’s group on Facebook) for 32 years. My entire family was greatly involved with the Magnolia Park Rebuild 6 years ago among various other civic improvement projects: Beach Clean Up, Planting trees in the Dunes, Planting with West End Arts and Home Sweet Home, etc. We try to get involved with as many small projects as we can. Our family participates in the many fundraising efforts established in our community: Polar Bear, Michelle O’niell, The Curb Bike Ride, Good Karma food Drive, Let’s Walk, Let’s Talk and pretty every school fundraiser. I find great pleasure coaching both Little League Baseball and Bulldogs Football for the past few years.

In 2017 I established a local charity: Waves of Hope. Waves of Hope has brought our community together in countless ways to help others who survive natural disasters in a very personal way. For Hurricane Harvey we sent five 53-foot semi trucks filled with disaster relief and physically delivered $43,000 in gift cards to the people of Texas. When the forest fires ravaged the California area we facilitated a toy drive and delivered a truckload of toys to the families in Napa Valley. This helped hundreds of families have a great Christmas during a difficult recovery. When Hurricane Florence flooded the coastal area we spent 6 weeks raising donations to help in their recovery and brought down over $30,000 in gift cards that we hand delivered to people getting back on their feet.