Been busy. Sorry for lack of updates, but here is a SBTC Update, plus ‘Going to the bathroom’ is trending on Facebook. #canyouspareasquare?

I know I missed a lot of Long Beach news these past few weeks. We are still dealing with water issues (way too much chlorine and the city still doesn’t know what caused that E. Coli), plus the LB Herald published an insane article on Separation Payments (read this if you haven’t already: Long Beach payouts are unprecedented). A few other things have happened, but I just can’t remember. What a great blog, right?

There is this:

That makes me happy (thanks, Sam for the pic!). Yes, I became a sponsor for Long Beach Movie Nights, but did not expect to see the logo on the big screen like that!

It’s funny. I advertised, but in way, I really don’t want more readers. It’s just too much pressure for me to be on top of every issue and crisis The City of Long Beach has to offer. So in a way, I’m not sure why I advertised. It does have me thinking though: In order for this blog to continue, the mindset for it has to change. If you don’t like the change, then I suggest you unsubscribe from the email list & unfriend me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Why would I want to lose some of you valuable readers?? Well, besides not being able to stand the pressure of relevance, I am also extremely bored here. Those of you who have been following this blog for the past eleven years know I’ve struggled with this:

I do want this blog to be somewhat relevant, but I am a one-man operation, plus this isn’t my day job, but how can I keep up with everything? Do I even want to keep up with everything? The current news isn’t fun. I hate politics and political talk. Should I really finally quit? But then I hear how folks (actually) love this blog, so should it continue?

I will most likely continue this blog for now. I just cannot 100% promise the content you are looking for. If you want all the politics, gossip, breaking news, etc: check out the LB Herald, Newsday or plenty of groups on Facebook. If, for some strange reason, enjoy the garbage this blog produces and plan on sticking around, I promise on keeping all content Long Beach-related. It will be opinionated, sometimes wacky, sometimes newsworthy, but all at my own pace. You are not going to get everything you need from this blog. If you don’t like the content, the best thing you can do is unsubscribe from the email list & unfriend me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thank you! – Anthony

That being said, ‘Going to the Bathroom’ is trending on Facebook: #LBbathrooms #canyouspareasquare?