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Long Beach not listening anymore?

Remember that website our city created around 2013? It was supposed to an informational site, keeping residents engaged and updated with city projects and whatnot. I just checked and it redirects to the main city website. Try it yourself:

I am all for cutting costs by consolidating. You can surely add that Long Beach Listens content to the city’s main page, but I just can’t help, but chuckle and think Long Beach isn’t listening anymore. Long Beach residents are more enraged than engaged these days anyway……

Sewer , Water and 8% potential Tax Increase?

So I didn’t get to go to last night’s public meeting on the budget. Call me a hypocrite since I complain all the time about City Council here, but whatever. I could care less. Our city officials are going to do whatever the f*** they want, whether residents are there or not. The only true way to fight city hall is to elect competent leaders to run our city the proper way and not into the ground. Every Tuesday I have something that’s much more important to me and a heck of a lot more run, so I’d rather spend it doing that than dealing with the mess at City Hall. (My love for going to important City Hall meetings faltered during the iStar massacre of 2016 [link]).

Ok, So if you are looking for an update of what happened last night, News12 has a video on their website. Besides potential 7% tax increases, Erin Colton reports on Water and Sewer increase. Please note that the Eramo administration raised our Sewer and Water fees last year. Watch the video. Residents are NOT happy about what is happening.

NEWS12: Long Beach meets on proposed 8% tax hike in $98 million budget

Is the fix in? [speculating]

“[Nassau County District Attorney Madeline] Singas said her office is already investigating the payouts and awaiting the outcome of an audit by the state comptroller.” [NEWSDAY]

“[New York State] Comptroller officials said the first audit regarding the payouts will be released this summer…..

After the June 25th Democratic primary?

“A second audit looking at the city’s overall finances is planned by the end of the year. NEWSDAY]

After the November 5th Election?

Head on over to Newsday if ya wanna read the full article: Long Beach City Council OKs $400G bond for retirements

Some store/ Restuarant updates

Former-DuMont’s Modern America Buffet & Sushi, which served Seafood, Sushi, Lunch and Dinner will become an Italian restaurant. I know what you are thinking: “Not another Italian restaurant!” Well, I heard this one is going to be really good. The owners currently run Spolini’s of Rego Park []. I’ve never been, but I heard good things.

Beach Local, which was on the west end of the boardwalk looks to be Beach Burger. [Thank you, galgidget for the photo!)

It looks like Lola’s Kitchen is turning into Roc &

Nu-Clear Laundry has exploded, as reported by Project 11561:

AND Cherry Valley Sandwiches and the Lemon ice King of Corona is coming to the West End:

As some readers remind me, former-Don Juan’s is transforming into Margaritas.

Am I missing anything else? Please let me know and I will add it!