Summer 2017 Beach Concession Map. Looks good, but still no pizza delivery drones.

From: Long Beach, NY. Click on Image for a larger view.

I’m trying to figure out what’s new. Bagel truck? I don’t remember that last year. Wasn’t the Taco Tuesday truck and the Corazon de Cuba truck one and the same? Beach Local Cafe now has ice cream and I hear it’s delicious. Skudin Surf sells food concessions now? (Just kidding). Snowie Long Island sounds new, although my memory is terrible. Don’t forget we have restaurants on Park Avenue and W. Beech Street as well!!  Everything looks set, but still no Pizza delivery drones…  That’s a bummer. 

Taqueria: Taco Tequila Bar [YES!]

I pray to Jesus every single night, asking him to bring a taco place to Long Beach. And it looks like my prayers have FINALLY been answered!!!! 

914 West Beech Street

Long Beach, NY 11516

The menu looks great and so far the reviews (on facebook) look very promising; very positive so far. I cannot wait to try it out!

‘Mob Hits’ and Delicious Breakfast: Saturday mornings at Bungalow West

Richard of the LB Doms is reporting that Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin music will be played at Bungalow West on Saturday mornings. It’s a great menu, so check it out!

Bungalow West
945 W Beech Street
Long Beach, NY 11561

I know many of you are wondering what’s going on with the Bungalow East location at the former-Geri’s location. I’m hearing the menu is still be perfected, but hopefully soon (yeah, Richard told me that). 


Bob’s Natural Foods signature hot cereal dish. A review by Richard of the LB Doms

This is Bob’s signature hot cereal dish. It’s base is oatmeal plus that’s Yogurt at the center. Bob’s chefs compete with each other, to create the best looking version of it. Comparing Bob’s to any other oatmeal dish, is a waste of time. There’s nothing like it. – RICHARD, LB DOMS

Bob’s Natural Foods
104 W. Park Ave
Long Beach, NY 11561
516  889-8955

Wildfeast Foods @ 10 W. Park Avenue [IT’S FANTASTIC!]

Wildfeast Foods opened their doors at 10 West Park Avenue just three weeks ago. I was finally able to give them a try and let me tell you, this place is fantastic! What we had was an extremely fresh and tasty meal. For appetizer I ate the PROSCIUTTO AND SHAVED BRUSSELS SROUTS, which was out of this world. My main dish was the STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST, Free range chicken stuffed with spinach and goat’s cheese. This came with potatoes and salad on the side. The Chicken was so moist and delicious. This also came wrapped in prosciutto, so I was in heaven. I seriously cannot wait to have it again. My wife ordered the LOCAL DIVER SCALLOPS IN HOUSE SMOKED BACON, which she said was cooked to perfection.

I will definitely be going back for more and more and more, etc, etc. I cannot wait to try other items they have to offer. A scan of the menu is posted below, but you can always view it on their website. Definitely check this place out.

Wildfest Foods
10 West Park Avenue
Long Beach, New York

Click on MENU for a larger view

Restaurant week at the Allegria hits a home run

allegriaReview by Richard Boodman

A star is born! Restaurant week at the Allegria hits a home run.

The $24 price fix was excellent. Service was very attentive. Following the autumn salad is your choice of chicken, salmon or a thick juicy round of sirloin. Each entree comes with different exciting chef-created vegetable sides. There’s lemon raspberry cake, with your choice of coffee or tea for desert.

If you’re looking for something special for restaurant week, get to the Allegria by November 6th. It’s Long Beach’s best kept secret.

80 West Broadway
Long Beach NY 11561

Gino’s Long Beach makes the “TOP 101 Pizza Joints in the United States” list

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