Q: what are those new cameras on Park for? 

Does anybody have any idea? This is from a reader of the blog:

Anthony, Yesterday they put up what looks like cameras in front of the Auxiliary Police House on park Ave. I could not stop to take a picture, but it looks like there are 3 cameras (one pointing at each lane) on a gantry(?) over the westbound lanes. Been out of the loop and was wondering if you know anything about this.

[Updated with photo]

Q: What’s the safest way to prevent dogs from peeing on the new tree in front of my house?

A resident writes in:

Can you ask your readers what’s the safest way to prevent dogs from peeing on the new tree in front of my house?

Ok, readers. What’s the safest way to prevent dogs from peeing on those new trees in front of our houses? 

This is actually a really good question. I heard black pepper does the trick, but I never tried it. I obviously don’t want to hurt any dogs, but would love to know if anybody has a good tip. Also, are we supposed to put warning signs? Or would dogs not even know what they say? Chime in! 

T-shirts for sale (free advertisement for The Bear, who’s the artist)

A reader asks:

“A while back I saw something about these City By The Sea t-shirts on your website, but I don’t recall any of the details.  Do you have any idea where I can purchase two of these shirts?”

Yep! They are being sold at Healing Oasis, 252 East Park Avenue, near the Country boy bakery. Phone 516-431-5400.  $18 or
two for $30.
[These aren’t my t-shirts for the blog. I wanted to make that clear. They were created by an artist who goes by the name The Bear, who is part of the LB DOMS]

Should the beach season be extended?

I’ve blogged about this in the past.  I feel like I’ve blogged about so many of these issues for so long that I’m really getting bored of myself.

Ok, here I go. The beach was crowded this past weekend. Lots of people were enjoying the water, but the beach was officially closed after Labor Day. That means no lifeguards were on duty. Should the City extend our beach season? Perhaps they should at least make it weekends only while the weather is still warm? The following photo was taken on Saturday. At 4pm, the beach was still crowded.  Discuss.


And regarding the proposed high rise towers, Do our fire departments have ladders that are tall enough? [Reader Question]

From a reader of the blog:

Hi Anthony

I always look for your site to keep me updated on Long Beach.

Has anybody looked into the height of the proposed condo buildings and whether our fire dept has the ladders/ tools to reach up to the new height- in case of a fire or other emergency?

I grew up in East Meadow and remember when the hospital was built- they couldn’t use the top 2 floors as he fire equipment didn’t reach that high.

Maybe this will bring attention to the over size buildings that they want to build.

I know this has been brought up on internet, but I would love a more official response to this. Any firefighters out there?



‘Arizona Street’ Osprey’s are trying to nest, but the platform is gone.This resident is looking for help to get the platform back!


Love your blog! I am hoping that maybe you can help. I have been very happy to see the return of the Osprey’s over the last few years and keep an eye on their nest on the channel marker near Arizona St. Over this winter, the light and the platform on which they build their nest disappeared. I saw that they returned before last weekend and tried to rebuild their nest, but I don’t think they can without the platform. I am sure that the light has to be replaced as a necessary navigation requirement, but afraid that it may be too late. Maybe someone on your blog can do something.