Gentle Brew Boardwalk Location has reopened. Park Avenue not yet.

The Gentle Brew Boardwalk location has reopened. Park Avenue will take a bit longer.

Gentle Brew still needs our help! Please support this important local business that has successfully been a staple in our community for over eight years. Unlike the American Bank and Auto Industry with their billion dollar bailout for making shitty cars and bad financial decisions, Gentle Brew’s story is different. Please read more about it on the Go Fund Me page, which was not created by Gentle Brew, but by another local business owner:

Unrelated to the Gentle Brew stuff. I have a Poll for my readers: How many of you have paid a contractor cash to avoid sales tax? Please raise your hand. HOLY SHIT, THAT MANY? SO ALL OF YOU WILLINGLY DIDN’T PAY YOUR SALES TAXES? Or were you down on your luck with legal fees and expenses and just couldn’t keep up with payments?

Some store/ Restuarant updates

Former-DuMont’s Modern America Buffet & Sushi, which served Seafood, Sushi, Lunch and Dinner will become an Italian restaurant. I know what you are thinking: “Not another Italian restaurant!” Well, I heard this one is going to be really good. The owners currently run Spolini’s of Rego Park []. I’ve never been, but I heard good things.

Beach Local, which was on the west end of the boardwalk looks to be Beach Burger. [Thank you, galgidget for the photo!)

It looks like Lola’s Kitchen is turning into Roc &

Nu-Clear Laundry has exploded, as reported by Project 11561:

AND Cherry Valley Sandwiches and the Lemon ice King of Corona is coming to the West End:

As some readers remind me, former-Don Juan’s is transforming into Margaritas.

Am I missing anything else? Please let me know and I will add it!

Bob’s Natural Foods is changing hands [Don’t worry, it will be the same great place]

It’s official. Bernadette Martin of the Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market will be the new owner of Bob’s Natural Foods (104 W Park Avenue.) I spoke to Bernadette last week and she’s extremely excited with this new endeavor.  I trust she’s going to serve the legacy of Bob’s well. Thank you, Bob. You created an institution in Long Beach that I think all of us are really grateful for.

Bob’s Natural Foods
104 W. Park Avenue
Long Beach, NY 11561

From Bob:

I woke up this morning with a song playing in my head, “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” It was the one song, back in the tumultuous 60’s, that always resonated deeply in my heart. Pete Seeger was the original composer of it in 1952, taking the lyrics from the Book of Ecclesiastes. One might say that it was divinely inspired.

Call I divine or serendipity, I didn’t choose my path; it chose me when I opened the store in the West End in 1975, 43 years ago. Over the years I have made many new friends…and lost many old friends. I cherish them all.
Now, the walls echo with the laughter of the grand children of my first customers.

To everything there is a season….

And so…my season has ended…and a new familiar face will be greeting you, as Bernadette Martin, who has brought Green Markets throughout New York and Long Island, is now the new owner of Bob’s Natural Foods.
From the time we first spoke, we knew she was the one.
… and a time for every purpose under heaven.


Long Beach, NY – April 23, 2018 – City of Long Beach residents and visitors will welcome back the Farmers Market at Kennedy Plaza on Saturday, May 5, 2018 from 9am to 2pm. The Market will open on Wednesdays starting May 16th from 9am to 2pm. The Kennedy Plaza Farmers Market is located at:

1 West Chester Street, Long Beach, New York
May 5 through November 21, 2018
Saturdays from 9am – 2pm
Wednesdays from 9am – 2pm

Sponsors and Vendors can signup at

Celebrating its 10th year, the popular market, features regional producers offering fresh products including vegetables, herbs, fruits, plants, baked goods, fish, shellfish, eggs, cheeses, pasta, pickles, fair trade coffee, gluten free products, and much more. This year the market will introduce new producers as well.

“We are very happy to welcome back any sign of spring this year and the producers want very much to be back in Long Beach,” said Program Director Bernadette Martin. “We have a few new products to offer, including Long Island grass finished beef shares from Acobonic Farm on Shelter Island. This year the market will have many events and cooking demonstrations that will offer family friendly fun.

LBNY: The City (By The Sea) That Never Sleeps

Long Beach is quickly becoming the City (by the sea) that never sleeps.  So much transition going on with development, food and more food. The following is an incomplete list, but here are a few things happening around town:

Long Beach Diner is Dead. Long live Long Beach Diner! I instagrammed like a month or two ago how the rumor was Greek. Well, here ya go. I do miss the blue facade, but white is better than beige. Always. I cannot wait to try the food!

My unpaid intern Richard Boodman keeps sending me updates on Steven’s Pasta. The latest includes the windows being painted with the restuarant name.  You can tell those LB DOMS are excited for some pasta.

We are all desperately waiting for Island Thyme (780 West Beech St) to finally open. Based on their facebook page, it seems like they will really soon! I cannot wait because their menu looks beyond awesome.

Photo taken from Island Thyme’s website

Annnd Beech Street is getting a place called Breakers Bowls (1048 W. Beech Street) ( All organic acai bowl, smoothie and coffee shop! You can also follow their progress on facebook:

Image from Breaker Bowls facebook page

These Luxury Apartments are on the corner of Lindell and W. Broadway. Expect the neighboring houses to be converted into them as well. I am not here to complain about parking, living in a shadow, losing a water view, etc. If you want to, then go right ahead. I’m just happy to seem some interesting architecture happening. These are funky. I kinda like it.

Get ready for Summer with Barrier Tees!

Barrier Tees started in 2012 shortly before Hurricane Sandy. Since then we’ve been selling Long Beach related T-shirts at every Irish Day festival as well as community craft fairs and festivals. Our following grew year to year and at their request, we recently launched our on-line shop.

We are local artists who create fun, fashionable and great quality apparel for all who love the City by the Sea. Check out our latest line at Or follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter!

Beach Buds Doggy Daycare [Coming soon!]

Coming soon to Long Beach: Beach Buds Doggy Day Care (164 E. Park Avenue).  It’s a boutique daycare for socialization and playtime. For those who have been using Beach Buds already, don’t worry, dog walking and in home pet sitting are still being offered. Eventually they will expand to group training classes as well.

Derek, the owner, says he’s aiming for a late October opening.  In the meantime, you can check them out at FACEBOOK for updates. The website should be up soon, which will have prices and more information. From a personal standpoint, I find this completely awesome and I wish Derek all the luck in the world. I’ve been posting about his service since 2010!!!, so it’s great seeing him expand into a storefront. Good luck, Derek!!

Starbucks cafe is coming to the Allegria Hotel [updated]

UPDATE: So I am not sure if this is an official Starbucks, or one of those ‘Barnes & Noble- situations’ where they serve Starbucks Coffee and products, but operate as their own cafe. Just sayin….

The Allegria Hotel  (80 W. Broadway) is getting a Starbucks. This is very close to the  Gentle Brew location on the boardwalk. Just up National Blvd from the hotel you’ll find another Starbucks on Park Avenue, which is near the Stop & Shop center where there’s another Starbucks inside the grocery store, plus Dunkin’ Donuts is hidden somewhere in that center. Not too far from all that is the main Gentle Brew location, but if you go across the street and east two blocks you’ll find Coffee Nut. Yep. We love our coffee in Long Beach. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, this: 

(Thank you to the person who sent me these photos!)

‘Scoundrels by the Sea’ is back in print and now available!

I just heard from Paul Jackson, the author of Scoundrels by the Sea:

‘Scoundrels by the Sea’ is back in print with the 3rd printing. Copies are now available at Amazon. Copies will be available at the L.B. Historical Society this week, but they’re not open every day during the summer.”
Definitely buy a copy at the LB Historical Society, but if you’re lazy and feel like supporting the blog, you can always use my affiliate link here: Scoundrels By The Sea /


News, Rumors, Opinions: Long Beach, Long Island and Italy:

    • Hooray for Long Beach Lifeguards! [PATCH]
    • aaaaand the guy got a ticket [PATCH]
    • Long Beach Movie Nights announced a new date for JAWS: This Saturday, August 12th, 7:30pm @ Lafayette Boulevard. [LINK]
    • Yesterday I posted the petition that was filed against the LB Candidates & Board of Elections [SBTC]
    • In Italy, but I would looooooove to see buildings like this in Long Beach [VERGE]
    • Raay-Nor’s Chicken coming to Lido is big news [NEWSDAY]
    • And finally (for now), this was released a few weeks ago and I forgot to post it. New Long Beach Commercial:

Other Stuff: 

Pirates arrived at Long Beach this past weekend and pillaged our most valuable asset: All of our parking spaces. Developing…. 

Long Beach Events:

(there are way too many things going on to Long Beach, so sorry if I am missing something when it comes to events. If you have one you’d like added, please contact me.)

—Weekly and throughout the summer—

Aug 12th: JAWS – Lafayette Boulevard, 7:30pm [NEW DAY!]
Aug 19th: ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW – Grand Blvd, 7:30pm
Sept 2nd: MOANA – Edwards Blvd, 7:15pm

—August Events—

  • 14th Annual C.U.R.B. bike ride (August 12th) [Click here for more information and registration]
  • International Food Festival Celebration @ St. Mary of the Isles (August 13th)
  • Pigment Removal Class hosted by Susan Patashny (August 16th). [PLEASE NOTE: An advanced trainer needs models for a tattoo removal training. If you have permanent make up or a small body tattoo you are not happy with please contact Susan (516)889-3962.]
  • Bayfront Celebration (August 19th, 4pm – 10pm) [LINK]
  • The Lemonade Pedal: Bike-Ped Fair & Tour de Lemonade Stand (August 25th, 10am – 1pm) [link]

  • Zumba Fundraiser (August 26th, 4pm at the Long Beach VFW) 

—September Events—


Blog News:

Hi, my name is Anthony and I am more excited about the Karate Kid Reboot than you can possibly imagine.

Once more, there are way too many things going on to Long Beach, so sorry if I am missing something when it comes to events. If you have one you’d like added, please contact me. 

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