Sea Bye The City

UPDATE: Some folks on facebook challenged me about whether or not it was an emergency, how I went a little too far with my post. Well here is some additional info: I called three City Departments and also contacted two city council members. It seems like the vehicle was sanitation. The person in the passenger seat was a 10 year old kid. Both people in the vehicle were laughing and having fun. It was no emergency. Later, folks.

Original Post: “I call for the immediate removal of the two Parks Department /or Lifeguards who almost ran over my family on the beach.

One of those quad vehicles flew past my family, who were getting off the beach at Franklin Blvd. We just stepped onto the wooden ramp, but this vehicle flew by going west at least 50 mph. These perps had no way of knowing if one of my kids was about to jump back on the sand. They also had no way of knowing if anyone else was coming off the ramp and onto the beach. They were two males. One of them looked on the younger side. They both looked like they were having fun.

Don’t give me any bullshit that they were driving to some emergency. There was no emergency. They almost created a freaking emergency! My wife, who used to drive those vehicles for the Town of Hempstead and can attest how fast they were going. She yelled, “SLOW DOWN!” These males kinda heard. They slowed down for a second, but then went back speeding again.

What kills me is that there is no accountability in this city. Stuff like this happens all the time and nobody is ever reprimanded. It’s like lord of the flies around here.

I will call the city tomorrow about this, as well as getting in touch with our City Council and parks department. Our city employees have a history of running people over on the beach. Enough is a enough.

Be on the lookout for an announcement for a special meeting Friday, July 13th at 9am regarding the next City Manager

UPDATE: FRIDAY THE 13th. Long Beach really is a horror show….

Attention residents and media: Be on the lookout for an announcement for a special meeting Friday, July 13th at 9am regarding the next City Manager. The announcement is apparently happening tonight. This is not official, so keep refreshing the city page. A resident and friend  told me the following after hearing about this sneaky meeting:

This is precisely the opposite of what most engaged citizens requested. We all wanted someone who is non-partisan, unattached, who could bring some order and function to the management of the city and its finances. If they do this I would like to barrage the Herald with letters to the editor regarding the failure of our city council members to respond to constituent demand. So much for transparency.


Conspiracy Thursday! (Because we all need a little drama in our lives)

Did Knights of the Templar hide holy relics in Long Beach?  Was the illuminati the architects of our original Boardwalk?  Did the Dread Pirate Roberts really hide millions of gold coin on or near coordinates 40.589330-73.666453?  Was 1930’s Mayor Edwards really a space alien sent to Long Beach to solve the future parking crisis? 

You know what that means: It’s Conspiracy Thursday

Long time readers of the blog might remember Conspiracy Thursday, my short-lived blog series where I questioned the weird and unexplained. Some past topics include the lack of pony rides in LB [link], if the LB Patch was manipulating the weather to bring hits to their website [link], and whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo brought the Holiday Lights back to Jones Beach to win some Long Island votes [link]. Well, the latest has to do with this blog itself!

With that  mean email I posted the other day came lots of speculation. Several readers (at least 10) seem to think that nasty email was a pre-emptive attack to discourage me from blogging again, saying it was timed right before the budget shortfall news. I received several messages like this:

Anthony, I’m pretty sure it’s the Long Beach puppeteers, the Democrat and Republican Party bosses, and their patronage dependents, who are trying to knock you out of the box.

They’re terrified that you are preparing to endorse candidates for the city council, who will ride the Bendo wave and put Long Beach on the right track.

The Long Beach DOMS welcome you back. We’re with you all the way!  – Richard Boodman

I don’t know.. it’s plausible, but I never know what to believe around here. I really don’t think anybody in the city would do that because it just seems so pathetic. There are a lot of angry grammar and writing folks out there. There are also plenty of people who don’t seem to understand what a blog is. Heck, to stroke my ego, that would be kinda cool if it was a political attack. It would make this blog legit. But probably not. What do you folks think?

And the blog relaunch reviews are in!

“I wish you would fix your spelling errors. You write like a child. It would have been interesting to read about Steven’s Pasta returning and where they will be and talk about the new Greek restaurant that replaced the LB Diner. That was very insensitive to say the LB Diner is dead. It fed a lot of people and brought friends together every day. This could be such a better website if you had a writer who actually cared about the city and if you cared more about yourself. There is so much to write about our unique city. Read books, learn something new, help the world. Do something useful. Writing this site is not your talent.” –

I believe I wrote: Long Beach Diner is Dead. Long Live Long Beach Diner! I guess this blog critic never heard of that particular saying.

In my ten years of running SBTC, this was the first hate mail I’ve ever received! So thank you! I think you just convinced me to end the blog again because I forgot how many nasty people there are in Long Beach.

Just to add: I have always said that writing was never my forte.  I always struggled with it. Readers have enjoyed my blog because of my take on things, my point of view.  Not my writing style.  I could do more research on topics, but who’s paying me to do that? Search for anything regarding Long Beach, NY and my blog will somehow be in the top searches for any topic. As of today I have 3232 blog posts published. Nobody has paid me to do this. I have no agenda here. I just do this as a hobby. See those annoying ads that pop up?  They bring me nothing! Seriously, if you don’t like the blog then don’t visit it. Or start your own blog. I’ll even share your link.

I just find this comment completely annoying. I’ve been bullied. Sued twice and sued back three times (all a complete wash). I had all, but one City Council Candidate answer my questions prior to the 2017 election. The City Manager Jack Schnirman met with me several times, picking my ears on my take of things. Probably not because they enjoy my writing  style, but because they know the impact this blog has made on our city. I could list a whole bunch of positive things this blog has brought to Long Beach, but I won’t. I know my long time readers know the impact it has made. Like I said, this was the first negative letter I have every received. And oh boy, does it make me feel like shit. By the way, I really have done a lot of useful stuff for Long Beach. Go back and search through all 3,232 posts and you will be quite surprised.

Long Beach Herald: iStar may seek $87 tax break and may sue City if they don’t get it. [WTF? OPINIONS]

Anthony Rifilato of the Long Beach Herald writes:

“Nassau County Legislator Denise Ford says that the developer looking to build luxury apartments on the Superblock will make a third attempt to secure a tax abatement to move forward with the project — and may sue the city if it is denied again.

Full article: Ford: iStar may seek $87 million tax break

Many moons ago [2014], iStar came in with this project. THEY SAID THEY WERE SHOVEL READY and our city gave them approval to build. There was not one mention of IDA when this all happened.

Shovel ready was complete BS, because they came back a year later looking for a major tax break, that would, in my opinion, ultimately hurt all the residents of Long Beach.

What would be the basis for a lawsuit? The City of Long Beach gave them permission, then kept their mouths shut. We were begging our officials to talk and they wouldn’t. It was the will of the people who were against the IDA, because we don’t want to pay for luxury beachfront units that are on ultra-rare property that’s a hop, skip and jump away from Manhattan.

an oldie, but goodie.

The Long Beach public forum on this topic is  May 9, at 6:30 p.m at City Hall.

State of the Blog [MEDIA ALERT]

I’ve have been running for almost nine years now. I’m always honored by how beloved this blog has been by so many of you. Heck, even the City of Long Beach celebrated my blog by giving me awards for it [here’s one of them]. I always get nothing, but positive feedback and encouragement to continue what was once the primary place for public discussion about our great city by the sea. With all that, I feel it’s my duty to at least give you, my readers some sort of explanation as to why it’s been a ghost town around here.

I am not ready to talk about everything, but eventually I will. Full details are imminent. I know the blog hasn’t been the same for the past year or so, but it’s with good reason. Oh boy, you will never believe the crap, harassment and damages my family & I have experienced. Actually, another innocent resident is somehow involved as well. I am sure she’ll want me to blog about her tale. You, my readers have damages, too. Constitutional rights have been violated (I’m fighting that as well).

To be honest, I’m not sure if I should start blogging all this now or until it’s all over. I just might wait for V day so I can just blog in one big post. For now, all media please contact me for a future Press Release, for it’s my constitutional right to tell this story.  Also, any published authors out there interested in a project? Please contact me.