According to posters on the LB Patch, Seabythecity is indeed biased:

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Dear Human Race,


Well, it’s funny because I am seabythecity. I am also registered independent and don’t fall for that republican / democrat labeling because it’s LAME. But the reason why seabythecity is indeed biased is maybe because it’s a blog. You know, A BLOG! a blog. A blog. a Blog. A blag. A Blog. a bLog. a blOg. A blOg. A blog. A blog. a bloG. A blogA blog. A-blog. “A blog.” Ayy, Blog! A blogue. A bløg. å Blog. Á blóg, A blob? Un Blog. Ay bloga (with an Italian accent). A blog.


A blog (a portmanteau of the term web log)[1] is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).

…Many blogs provide commentary on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries (Source – wikipedia)


Hey, look, It says “Unofficial Blog of Long Beach” on the top of this page! There are no local ads on this blog at all. AKA: Nobody is directly paying me money to post this stuff. This is my diary. My opinions. My hobby. My personal feelings about all things Long Beach. Of course I am biased.


Abe Log.

PS, I did kinda report in that article, only I never even saw that damn brochure.

(Thank you Pete Donahue for the image photoshop above. I am so grateful!)

RUMOR ALERT: Is Peter Luger really coming to the Superblock??


After years of chatter, is Peter Luger Steakhouse actually coming to the Superblock? That’s what we’re hearing in the SeabytheCity newsroom, as the above rendering of the proposed restaurant was just handed to us. Many agree Long Beach is in desperate need for a good steak house; Luger would definitely fill that niche.

Nothing has been confirmed, so please take this with a grain salt that is sprinkled over a USDA prime beef with french fried potatoes and creamed spinach on the side, chocolate mousse for dessert.

(Remember what I said the other day? Don’t believe any Long Beach rumor that involves Peter Luger. This story is fake. Thank you Charlie Cheswick for the image above. You’ve made my day!)

Urine-Indicator Dye to be used this Summer (ocean turns red when you pee in it) [UPDATED]


UPDATE: April 2nd, 2013. April Fools!

In an effort to stop those from peeing in the ocean, the City of Long Beach has announced that the additive ‘Urine-Indicator Dye’ will be used in the water at Ocean Beach Park this summer. This chemical compound releases a red dye when it reacts to the acidity of urine, thus singling out the exact location of the pee perpetrator.

The city was struck hard this past fall when Superstorm Sandy wiped out all beach-side bathrooms. Since replacement portable potties aren’t ideal, the city fears the convenience of the ocean will make it the new & hot pee spot. Higher PH levels and a rise in water temperature are just two of many reasons why the city is concerned.

As you can see in the chart below, a recent survey conducted on this blog revealed how “peeing in the ocean” was a problem well before this possible crisis.

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 9.11.40 AM

 (Credit: 2012 survey: Bathroom or Ocean?)

“Believe it or not, we all pee,” a city spokesperson tells us. “Hold it in, go before you come to the beach or use a bottle if you don’t like portable potties. Avoid peeing in the ocean if you don’t want to be singled out or ridiculed.”

With a $90 million dollar grant, expect a massive campaign this summer warning you of the chemical use and peepee consequences. Twenty signs were already purchased and the city is seeking additional grant money to purchase more.

Bad Drivers, Garbage, Dog Poop

[RANT] Holy cow! I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I cannot believe how bad some of the drivers are here in Long Beach. I am now watching vehicles go through stop signs at full speed. Usually you get a slight slow down, but apparently some drivers just have no time for that anymore. Don’t these people realize Long Beach is a residential area that is densely populated? I really honestly think we should put speed bumps at every interaction where there is a stop sign. Will it scrape the bottom of your car? Too bad, that means you are breaking the law and are not stopping.

The other thing I want to rant about is the amount of garbage that is continuously being dumped all over the place. Just because there is a pile of contracter garbage in front of a house, it doesn’t give you permission to dump your empty coffee cup or smelly dog poop bag on top of it.

Speaking of dog poop: Since we are temporarily without a boardwalk, many folks are using Shore Road & E/W Broadway as a path to walk, jog or ride a bike. Check out the sidewalk on the north side of E. Broadway between Riverside and Long Beach Blvds. There is so much dog poop on that stretch of sidewalk that you have to ‘walk’ as if you’re playing hopscotch (a new LB activity?). Ugh!!! [/RANT]

In other news: Who wants to play Dog Poop Hopscotch with me? It’s fun and great exercise!


It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…No, It’s a Cell Tower! [Granada Towers Under Siege. Action needed this Thursday, January 24th]


Written by Jennifer, A resident of Granada Towers 

You see it when you are coming down Park Avenue. You see it when you are crossing over the Michael A. Valente Bridge.  It once was a beautiful piece of architecture in the heart of Long Beach.  But as you are aware, Granada Towers is not in the best shape right now.  Now whenever I see my building from afar, besides being draped in scaffolding, all I see is a monstrous metal structure on top of my home.

Sometime back in July 2012, a team of contractors began building this cell phone antennae “sled” on top of my home. Imagine walking out into your backyard and looking up to see nine cell phone antennae beaming down on you!?!?!

Never in a million years would I have thought something like this would be permitted. While the City of Long Beach has granted AT&T “temporary” permission to do this, AT&T wants to make this new location permanent.

If you are able to attend the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting to help me fight AT&T’s application for a variance, the meeting is this Thursday 1/24 at 7 pm at City Hall on the 6th Floor.

Please help me protect my home and preserve a landmark building in the heart of our beloved City. If we, the people of Long Beach don’t, who will?

For more info, please check out my blog:

View from Waldbaums

What is a Parking Enforcement SUV doing on the boardwalk? [Let us end truck traffic on the boardwalk right now)

UPDATE Sept 10th:

I realize there are many of you who wish to remain anonymous. For that, I created the Seabythecity Anonymity Photo Dump: Click this link and send your photos to me. You can also always email me. Your email address and name will never be published without your consent.


Tonight (Sunday) at around 7pm there was a navy blue City of Long Beach Parking Enforcement truck cruising the boardwalk between Neptune & Franklin Blvds. Now, I don’t recall illegal parking to ever be an issue on our boardwalk, do you?

The driver appeared to be cruising on what was a perfect Sunday night where tons of people were walking, biking and soaking in the salt air. I’ve already had it up to HERE with beach maintence and their trucks this week. Maybe it’s time for a change. Who is in charge of these actions and when is the city going to wake up and put an end to this madness? The old ways of doing business in this city needs to stop.

The reason why our boardwalk is in such bad condition is because of these trucks loosening the boards. As a taxpayer who pays for these jobs and wood, I want truck traffic on the boardwalk to end now. Perhaps this should be a major issue during our next city council election?

I wasn’t able to snap a photo of the parking enforcement truck tonight, but can my readers do me a favor? Every time you see a truck, I don’t care if it’s a police, parking enforcement, beach maintenance or whatever, please snap a photo and send them in so I can post them on here. Try to get faces too if you can. TAKE PHOTOS OF ALL TRUCKS ON THE BOARDWALK AND MAIL THEM TO ME (contact page).

Coney Island uses golf/Gem cars (see photo below). Why can’t we too? I’d rather the city spend our money on those instead of wood and slip and fall lawsuits.

Bathroom or Ocean? [POLL]

Now that the beach is officially closed (still unofficially open for most), it’s time to fess up and talk about some real issues. When you’re at the beach and nature calls (you have to pee), where do you go? Yes, I realize this is a disgusting topic, but I’m sure some of you have thought about this already.

The choices are simple: in the ocean, in the bathroom, you run home or other. Please leave comments. And Yes, you can comment anonymously.

(Please note: This is not a scientific poll and the results will not be sent to City Council.)

When you’re at the beach and nature calls, where do you go? free polls 

(I’m not voting first)

Man yelling at 3am by Lincoln Blvd

A reader named Jill writes in:

There was a man yelling loudly over and over on the boardwalk this morning (Tuesday, June 26th) at 3am by Lincoln Blvd. I heard him continually yelling the same thing over an over as he traveled down the boardwalk. It turns out my friends as far as West Market Street heard him too at 2:30am! Has anybody reported any information on this strange scenario?

Does Seabythecity give you the most bizzare stories or what? Who else heard this loudmouth at 3am. Anybody know what the deal was?

Sunken Boat in the Canals. Help? [Reader Question]

Message: I live not too far from the Heron Street Canal. At the bottom of the canal is a 16-18′ sunken boat (photo below). I have spoken to Nassau police marine, Bay constables, LB marine and they all tell me that it’s the other bureau’s problem. The boat was owned by a LB policeman that was killed years ago body surfing at the beach. I think his name was PJ? Do you have any ideas on having this thing removed before someone gets hurt or another boat runs over it? Any info on help would be appreciated. – Canal Resident


I’ve always felt had some sort of kinship with ants. It’s not just because of the first three letters of my name (See: Anthony), but by how inspiring I found them to be. I love how you can watch them hunt and gather. I marvel by way they create homes out dirt and sand. It makes me think of how life must have been like when we were cavemen. Simple. Survival. No talk about budget, unless it meant food. Ahh ants….Those little insects never really bugged me the way roaches or earwigs did. My NYC days of dealing with roaches are over, but ever since I moved to Long Beach I’ve had an ant problem. Every spring the annual ant parade marches through my house and it’s really starting to get annoying. I’m finding them everywhere: In the kitchen cabinets, dining room , bathrooms, my face.. I think these little guys are carpenter ants, but I’m no entomologist. I do know that I can’t seem to stop them from coming inside my house!

I’ve heard that this ant infestation is city-wide. Is it because of the sand under our homes? I wish I could just put some smelly object outside that would attract them to leave, because the only option appears to be violence. How do you folks deal with these little guys? I’ve tried most products and they don’t seem to work.