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Be on the lookout for an announcement for a special meeting Friday, July 13th at 9am regarding the next City Manager

UPDATE: FRIDAY THE 13th. Long Beach really is a horror show….

Attention residents and media: Be on the lookout for an announcement for a special meeting Friday, July 13th at 9am regarding the next City Manager. The announcement is apparently happening tonight. This is not official, so keep refreshing the city page. A resident and friend  told me the following after hearing about this sneaky meeting:

This is precisely the opposite of what most engaged citizens requested. We all wanted someone who is non-partisan, unattached, who could bring some order and function to the management of the city and its finances. If they do this I would like to barrage the Herald with letters to the editor regarding the failure of our city council members to respond to constituent demand. So much for transparency.


What a way to run our government

The Rumor: A secret meeting this Friday to announce our next city manager. I heard the same, but for now this is nothing, but a rumor. I really hope it’s not true, because that would be a really sad way to run our government.

If true… then Long Beach is done. Destroyed. Finito. The future of Long Beach will be the following:

The only residents who live here will be those who work for the city and use the tax revenue as a piggy bank. The rest of the folks living here will just be seasonal, airbnb tourists or that couple who just lives here for a year or two, with no intentional of settling down.

Residents are NOT happy about the next ‘rumored’ City Manager. This city is going to the shits. [OPINION]

July 3rd Rally at City Hall. Photo by me.

There is a rumor about the next City Manager and residents are pissed. Just go on Long Beach social media and you’ll see what I’m talking about…. I am not going to say who this rumored-person is, but it’s not the independent City Manger residents rallied for last week. I am so f***ing disappointment by the politically connected hacks running this city.

We have questionable separation payouts with two bonds to cover them, employees who got full time wages, but were believed to be part time. WTF is happening here? And how many times can iStar sue us? It’s two lawsuits so far. Will they go for a hat trick? Nobody is even talking about the other lawsuits our city got us into. Haberman, anyone?

City Councilmen John Bendo said at the rally last week, some folks are using this city as a personal piggy bank. This is very alarming. We have broken benches on the boardwalk that look like shit. Do you think we have money to fix them? No. Shitty roads all over Long Beach. The City of Long Beach looks like absolute shit, but as long as the incompetent friends and families of those in power get on the payroll, things should be ok, right?

“We welcome the FBI because everyone seems to be doing a cover-up.”  – County legislator Denise Ford at the Rally last Tuesday, July 3rd.

She is absolutely right. Call the FBI because the Nassau DA and NYS Comptroller aren’t going to do anything. They are all connected.  This city is so f***ed the way it’s being run, and that includes the MAJOR mess that Jack Schnirman left us. All those mailers we got in 2017 telling us how great our city finances were was a complete lie. Anissa Moore and John Bendo are the only people who actually care about what’s going on around here.  Trust me when I say that. And we will remember this next election. I plan on organizing with all social media groups to change the powers that be. It’s going to work.

For those who missed the rally, I posted a video of it on youtube: Rally at Long Beach, NY City Hall – July 3rd, 2018


In blog news: I received a ton of email the past 2 months. I’ll get back to you! The current state of affairs in Long Beach has not been fun at all, so this blog just makes me depressed posting these types of articles.

July 3rd Rally at City Hall. Photo by me.



Ya like rumors?

….Outside department heads were called to City Hall to see Mr Tangney. They were told that unless employees could show paid receipts for vacations, all vacations were cancelled because the City doesn’t want to pay overtime to cover shifts. Insider scuttlebutt is that the Water Pollution Control plant will be privatized soon with the water dept likely to follow.

….Concerned recent retirees who took the city’s incentive are concerned that they won’t be paid.

….Multiple calls – some from those who moved out of state – remain unanswered.

Sent in by a verified anonymous source. More rumors to come. – Anthony


BREAKING: [Allegedly] A second City Employee Allegedly running an Anti-Candidate facebook page [allegedly]

[This is sort of a repost of my last post]

[Allegedly] a second City Employee [allegedly] was running an Anti-Candidate facebook page [allegedly]. The fake facebook group was called Long Beach Against Trump Republicans, but it also attacked Democratic candidate John Bendo by lying about his voting history.

As mentioned by John Bendo in his statement earlier [see the last post], the City Employee has been caught with compelling evidence. I have seen the screen shots. It is very compelling.

Candidate John Bendo made a statement, asking for this person to take the page down or their name will be revealed. The page was down shortly after.

This is Russian Fake News at it’s finest. Developing…

BLOG NEWS: I hope you are all enjoying the Election 2017 content I’ve been providing. Now is a good time to pick up your copy of Scoundrels by the Sea: The Sullied Past of Long Beach Politicians, Swindlers, Bootleggers — and Worse and support the blog by clicking that link!

Fake facebook group has been deleted, but

The fake facebook group that was targeting candidate John Bendo has disappeared. This is, I’m assuming, a result of my post from yesterday when I declared the said page author as being a city employee, allegedly…… [SEE: To the City Employee who created the Fake anti-Bendo facebook group. I know who you are. (allegedly)]

The fake facebook page has been tagging Seabythecity and other facebook groups with their posts for sometime now. I always ignored the tags because it was all nonsense and quite frankly, a pure example of what’s wrong with the current political nature of our city by the sea. Along with Seabythecity, Project 11561 and the LB Republicans have screenshots that show the perpetrator’s name, as well as a screenshot of what happens when you clicked on the tag. Yeah, there is other stuff as well which I won’t talk about for now.

I sent all my information to the appropriate people and will leave this story for now until new developments happen. I will not be posting the perpetrator’s name for now, so I have nothing to do with whatever guesses you folks are making.

Here’s a video of what happens if you try to find the page:


I hope you are all enjoying the Election 2017 content I’ve been providing. Hey, now is a good time to pick up your copy of Scoundrels by the Sea: The Sullied Past of Long Beach Politicians, Swindlers, Bootleggers — and Worse and support the blog by clicking that link!

Long Beach Update: September 8th Edition

Long Beach & vicinity news/rumors/opinions:

  • Read about the Kramer family & volunteers kicking major major major ass with their hard work and donations for Harvey victims [LB HERALD]
  • Speaking of hurricanes, IRMA’s path is still unknown. Here is your best source of information: []
  • Speaking of hurricanes, City Of Long Beach New York Fire Department is posting updates on IRMA on their facebook page [FACEBOOK]
  • I wish Long Beach did this: Patchogue bans window border lights in downtown businesses [NEWSDAY]
  • I heard some car drove off the Long Beach Bridge yesterday. The last thing I want to do is pressure myself to post all these ambulance chasing stories, so I have no idea how this panned out. I did hear a lot of sirens though. Nope. That did not happen. False Alarm. 

Election 2017:

  • Meet Leah Rosensweig-Tozer, Republican Candidate for City Council [SEABYTHECITY]
  • How about the other candidates? I’m working on it.

Resident’s Corner:

  • A painted fire hydrant on Monroe Blvd. Should we start a campaign to paint all of them funky colors? 
  • From Richard Boodman, CEO of the LB DOMS: “Committee beginning project renewal.Former famous LB artist and occasional fashion designer ( Herald July 2003) Ron La Bear is volunteering his creative genius. This is just the primer.” [This is in front of healing Oasis. If you see the artist, tell him Seabythecity sent ya.]
  • This next photo was sent in by a resident, who said, “this could explain some flooding issues on Park Avenue.” She took this photo near Baskin Robins. 

Long Beach Events:

(I know I’m missing a lot. Please contact me)

—Weekly and throughout the summer—

—September Events—

  • Shabbat on the Beach (September 8th, 6:30pm at Long Beach Blvd Beach) [link]
  • The Michelle O’Neill Foundation to Benefit Children with Cancer and Special Needs Volleyball XXI Fundraiser – Laurelton Beach, Long Beach NY September 9, 2017 []
  • 15th annual Long Beach Jazz Festival, Sept 14-17, at the Library and other venues. [More info at  ]
  • NY Fit Fest (September 17th) [link
  • Long Beach Oyster & Music Fest (Saturday, September 23rd at Long Beach Catholic Regional School. [info


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