Starbucks cafe is coming to the Allegria Hotel [updated]

UPDATE: So I am not sure if this is an official Starbucks, or one of those ‘Barnes & Noble- situations’ where they serve Starbucks Coffee and products, but operate as their own cafe. Just sayin….

The Allegria Hotel  (80 W. Broadway) is getting a Starbucks. This is very close to the  Gentle Brew location on the boardwalk. Just up National Blvd from the hotel you’ll find another Starbucks on Park Avenue, which is near the Stop & Shop center where there’s another Starbucks inside the grocery store, plus Dunkin’ Donuts is hidden somewhere in that center. Not too far from all that is the main Gentle Brew location, but if you go across the street and east two blocks you’ll find Coffee Nut. Yep. We love our coffee in Long Beach. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, this: 

(Thank you to the person who sent me these photos!)

Rumor Mill: Allegria up for Auction? YIKES!

Auction Date & Time: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 1:00 pm. Only Qualified Bidders as defined in auction Sales Procedures are qualified to participate. Registration Commences at 11:00 am.

“Property will be sold free and clear of all monetary liens. In order to register to bid, all prospective bidders must present a bank check in the amount of $2,000,000 made payable to “Silverman Acampora LLP Attorney Escrow IOLA Account”.”

Check it out at Maltz Auctions: 143-KEY OCEANFRONT HOTEL

Ever since the beginning, this hotel has been a mix of rainbows, unicorns and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Remember those ‘Nonpayment of Taxes’ notices that were posted on the room doors? [link]? Then there was some deal with Nassau County [link]. Adjacent residents will disagree, but I really feel this hotel still serves a much needed purpose for Long Beach. Justin Bieber did stay there, after all [link]. You gotta just beliebe it’ll all work itself out in the long run….


NEWSDAY: Nassau makes tax deal with bankrupt Allegria hotel

Newsday: Nassau makes tax deal with bankrupt Allegria hotel

“The Nassau County Legislature’s Rules Committee has approved a $907,481 settlement with the owner of the bankrupt Allegria hotel in Long Beach.” [LINK]

Don’t forget this from the Herald back in early July:

“…..According to a May 2015 report on the department’s website listing delinquent taxpayers, Rosenberg and Alrose Allegria LLC owe a total of $4.4 million in withholding and sales and use taxes from December 2011 through April 2014. The latest tax lien on the hotel, according to state tax warrants,shows unpaid back taxes of $189,377 as of July 1. [LINK]




Reader Question: Allegria and Taxes?

Sent in by a reader of the blog: 

allegriaDear Seabythecity: I found this site and I find it weird that [The Allegria Hotel] can get away with not paying all these taxes.  How can I get in on that deal?  I have no clue how this works but I am sure if either of us tried that the sheriff would be booting us out.

If you search for active tax warrants on the NYS site for the Allegria hotel, it returns 30 Warrants totaling $7.5 Million [LINK]. If you search for the owner “Allen Rosenberg” you see him listed at $5 million [LINK]. There might be some overlap but if it was all overlap it would still be over $7.5M.  How does that exactly work?
There was one filed in January and another in December, the January one was only $6,700.  Maybe they had a crappy holiday season so they had less taxes to pay or less to not pay?  7.5 Million is huge, the thing that strikes me most is part of that is withholding taxes, so they are taking money from people’s paychecks for income taxes but not passing it on to the state? This list does not include any federal taxes they are not submitting.

I went to the Allegria Hotel for Sunday Brunch and it was Awesome!

allegriabrunch2I decided to check out Sunday Brunch at the Allegria Hotel (80 West Broadway, Long Beach, NY 11561). I am generally scared of buffets because I tend to overeat, especially when the choices are endless. That definitely was the case here. Between the meats, seafood, sushi, veggies, fruit, cheeses, omelet station, chocolate fountain, cookies, cakes; Whatever you wanted, this brunch had. Just look at my blurry iphone photos and you will see just how impressively vast this spread was.

It’s hard to comment on individual food items since I did more shoving-down-my-throat than chewing. Let’s just say everything I ate, I liked. For buffets, it was definitely way above your average (this was no Old Country Buffet). For the price the Allegria charged, it had to be.


Yep, I went in not even knowing or asking how much this was going to cost me. When I got the bill, I was surprised.. but actually not really, the more I thought about it.

At $57 a person, was it worth it? I kinda, wanna say yes, but hear me out: If you eat meat or seafood, you can definitely eat beyond that price. I watched people fill their plates with lobster like it was going out of style. I probably could have filled my plate with enough beef to rebuild a cow. There was enough sushi to swim in. Just look at the cheese table in the photo below. Who’s to stop somebody from eating that entire wheel of cheese? You get the idea.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention drinks, but that’s because I barely drink alcohol. From the Allegria website, $57 includes: Unlimited Champagne, Mimosas & Bloody Marys. Some can drink $57 of that alone in an hour or two.


If you plan on going, go with an empty stomach and eat your $57 worth. Based on my past mostly-mediocre personal experiences there, I was definitely impressed with this brunch. It’s a lot of $$, but every once in a while I like to treat myself. Sunday Brunch at the Allegria Hotel was definitely a treat for me.

What: Allegria Hotel Sunday Brunch.

Where: 80 West Broadway, Long Beach, NY 11561.

When: Sundays between noon-5pm.

Price: $57 bucks per person. Make a reservation or do the old “go 10 minutes before they open” trick.


allegriabrunch7 allegriabrunch4

Allegria Tweets Back, Parking Meter Poll Update (Catching up to last week’s posts)

Allegria Tweets Back: First we have the Allegria Hotel responding to my roof top adventure post via twitter:

Allegria Hotel (@Allegria_Hotel)

7/20/12 2:35 PM @seabythecity Thanks for sharing, we are always looking for ways to improve our services! We hope to see you back on the Roof Top!

I thought that was kinda cool and good PR. I am somewhat amazed by the comments from those who don’t understand the power of selling drinks. In my post I wrote how the Allegria should have had a server working the rooftop. My reasons were the following:

  • Drinks bring in a ton of money for the hotel, employees and Long Beach (taxes). Alcohol is what keeps most places in business!
  • Being asked if you want something makes you feel like you are being taken care of (people like that stuff).
  • Being asked if you want something makes you feel like you’re being watched. (Instant hotel security).

It’s as simple as that!  I like this hotel. I stayed there. I’ve eaten there several times. I don’t live near it, so I can’t complain about the parking situation, but I do think Allegria Hotel is an asset to Long Beach, whether you like it or not.

Parking  Meter Poll:  (Read – Do You Want Parking Meters In Long Beach?)

As of now (July 25rd, 8:30am) there have been 144 responses and I am very surprised by these numbers:

I guess the polls are still open. I will send these results to Jack & the gang by the end of the week. If you haven’t voted yet, please do. The poll has an IP address filter, which only allows you to vote once per location. That is, unless you’re smart enough to change your IP or create a proxy. In that case, vote away.

My Roof Top Adventure [The Allegria Hotel]

Last Saturday I decided to check out the root top at the Allegira Hotel (80 West Broadway, Long Beach, NY). I walked through the lobby, pressed RT on the elevator and up I went.

Right when you exit the elevator, you essentially step right into the bar area. Nobody greets and asks if you want anything. I wasn’t that thirsty, but would have caved under pressure. Perhaps a waitress should be working the room? I didn’t see any.

Walking past the bar towards the beachside was this empty room. Perhaps it’s the dance floor at night? Or perhaps it’s just wasted space?

Here are a few shots of the pool. It’s kinda small, but still awesome. Roof top pools always impress me. Alas, my attitude with being in the Long Beach is the following: Who needs a pool when you have the ocean. But I get it, not everybody likes the ocean. It is pretty cool though..swimming on top of a building? Come on!

I tried to be discreet while taking these photos. I didn’t want to look like creepy man taking photos of people in their bathing suits.

On to the beautiful vistas of Long Beach. Looking West:

Boardwalk Arts & Crafts festival, Looking East:

Directly down below was the NYSEA Skateboarding Contest & live music.

Out in the distance was the surfer Paddle Out dedicated to George Geiser, the Long Beach surfing legend who died in an auto-related incident in Puerto Rico back in 2009.

Back inside the hotel was this other room that was north of the bar. I guess it’s used for catering. A little too sparkly for my taste…

Through the windows were more breathtaking vistas of our beautiful city looking north. Allllllll the way in the distance are the North Shore Towers in Floral Park.

Can you see Manhattan?

On my way out I was reminded of the old tenant. Nice touch by the owner to leave a tiny bit of history around.

Not to knock the Allegria Hotel, but they need to learn how to make money. We were on the roof top for a good 45 minutes. Not once were we asked if we wanted a drink. I call this a missed opportunity for the hotel, because as an uninvited guest, I would have felt the pressure of paying for something. That is money for the bar, tip money for the staff, money for the hotel and tax money for Long Beach.

Staff going around asking if you want something makes you feel like you’re being watched, which is good for hotel security. But most importantly, it makes you feel like you’re being taken care of.  I’m not one who likes special treatment, but a lot of folks do; especially when you spend a ton of money staying at a fancy hotel.

Other things that bugged me: Cigarette butts on patio; no butt stations. Gum. Dirt. Weird signs saying you can reserve stuff for money. I don’t know… that comes across as tacky to me. Make money with drinks and food, not seats.

Other than that, it was really nice. Unlike most residents, I am actually a fan of this hotel and I want them to succeed. The roof top is really nice, so if you’re nosey like me, just walk in and take the elevator to RT.