Residents are going ape shit over the cost of new boardwalk bathrooms

1546271_834280529951058_5253338656817183705_n8 Million dollars for 5 bathrooms. That is 1.6 Million each and doesn’t even include tampon dispensers!  Funding is being provided through public assistance grant monies from FEMA, but geez, Eight freakin’ Million?

These five bathrooms are going to be constructed on the north side of the boardwalk at Grand, National, Edwards, Riverside & Lincoln Blvds. Based on the boardwalk Phase II meetings, they will mostly likely be built on top of new bump outs, leveled with the boardwalk. Bump outs were a main request at the Phase II meeting by us residents, due to the concern of not interfering with the current boardwalk flow. So yes, we kinda asked for this. I was there and it’s true, thus the high and unexpected price. Perhaps more ipe is driving up the cost? I guess we will find out more details this Tuesday.

If you go on facebook and check out some of the more popular groups such as Project 11561, you will see residents going ape shit over this cost. Please keep in mind, the bathroom image that they posted that looks like an AT-AT from Empire Strikes Back is of Rockaways and is NOT what we are getting.

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