Hey Long Beach, hate traffic and parking issues? Design the city for E-Scooters.[This is not a joke]

E-Scooters are not a fad. They are not going away. Many cities across the country are embracing them because they are the ultimate cure for traffic, parking and pollution. Tacoma has them, Seattle very soon, and now NYC is drafting legislation to bring them to the Rockaways, Staten Island and other parts of the city:

“E-scooter legislation is being crafted as commuters get familiar with pedal-assist e-bike sharing services launched over the summer. Riders have rushed down Bay Street on Staten Island and across the Rockaway Boardwalk without breaking a sweat thanks to the small, battery-powered motors that provide an extra kick when the pedals are in motion.

…….Not everyone can ride a bike and not everyone wants to ride a bike every day,” [Paul Steely White, the executive director of Transportation Alternatives] continued. “And these [e-scooters] really have the potential to democratize and mainstream city-friendly efficient transportation. So let’s get with the program and figure out how to make room for them on the streets.” [AMNY]

As long as the car-loving -baby-boomers are in control (easy, I’m generalizing here), E-Scooters will never properly be embraced in Long Beach anytime soon….. but if we want to keep the young here, fight traffic, parking issues and be kind to the environment, it might be a good idea for our officials to start looking into it. I guarantee you are going to hear about these vehicles more and more in the future.

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