Skateboarding, Music, Fireworks & More! [A Busy Friday the 13th in Long Beach]

Skateboard contest @ 6pm to 9pm in front of the Allegria Hotel (80 West Broadway). More info at the crazy NYSEA website:

Killer Joe Concert @ 8pm, National Blvd beach. Website:

Fireworks Extravaganza @ 9pm – Park yourself on any beach in Long Beach. There will also be food vendors, kid activities and shuttle buses for those who can’t park! Detailed information below.

(Nerd Note: I actually used an iphone scanner app and scanned these images of the fliers on the boardwalk. I think they came out pretty well!)

The Fireworks MUST Go On [OPINION]

I’m going to keep this one brief.

In the LB Herald article titled Long Beach fireworks will go on, City Council Member John McLaughlin was quoting saying:

“I’d rather see someone hired back. I appreciate the sponsors with the fireworks and everything, but … I’d feel terrible watching the fireworks go off while someone’s sitting at home that could have been working.”

With all due respect to Mr. McLaughlin, I disagree 100%. Yes, we are going to have fireworks this year (July 13th). The cost will be covered by local sponsers and 18th Annual Kennedy Plaza Fine Arts Show fees and won’t cost the city a dime. In the grand scheme of things, the cost of this event is minimal. And let’s face it, how many people can the city hire for $42,000? And would it be a job that is really needed?

If there were no fireworks, it would really bring the morale of the city down big time. I am just sick and tired of this attitude that all fun has to go away because of the economy. There are ways to get things done without the use of taxpayer money. Kudos to City Manager Jack and the three members of city council who voted YES on this and for finding a way to keep this event.

UPDATE: Long Beach Fireworks Cancelled tonight

UPDATE July 8th @ 2:40PM

Just got word that the fireworks are cancelled tonight. Tomorrow is the rain date. Same time, same place.  Too bad I can’t make it tomorrow….



I’m on the City of Long Beach Mailing list and I just received this email:

This is a public safety message from the City of Long Beach. On Friday, July 8, 2011 the City will present a fireworks display off the beach at Riverside Blvd. Because we expect large crowds, the City is supplying free shuttle buses to ease traffic from both east and west ends to Riverside Blvd. between the hours of 7pm and 11pm. Free parking will also be available in the LIRR parking lot and at the Lido West parking lot.  Beginning at 7PM, Edwards Blvd will be closed to vehicle traffic and will be utilized as a pedestrian walkway.  The Long Beach Police Department will be directing traffic throughout the day and we ask that you follow their direction. For shuttle bus routes and further information call the event hotline at 516-431-1000 Extension 4. Fireworks are dangerous and anyone found possessing or exploding fireworks will be subject to arrest. This is a public safety message. Thank you for your cooperation.  Follow the Long Beach Police Department on Facebook or Twitter @ longbeachpd.


Of course the real question is: Will it rain tonight?

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