Charles McAvoy of Long Beach is ranked to be drafted in the 1st round in tonight’s NHL draft

McAvoy_CharlieThe final ISS [international scouting services) ranking is in and Long Beach’s own Charles McAvoy is ranked in the elite first round group. The international ranking has McAvoy, a Boston University defensemen at #23 overall  [LINK]. He moves up to a final rank of #6 with North American players only [LINK]. Sounds like he is a pretty damn good hockey player. It will be exciting to see where he ends up.

You can read more about McAvoy @ 2016 NHL Prospects: Charles McAvoy

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Last Year Sharks Hit The Shores of Long Beach…This Year They’ll Be Hitting The Ice!

d6b3b922-aae6-417e-a322-ab0531f81503March 29, 2016—It’s no secret the New York Aviators were moving on from the Aviator Sports and Events center. With a new move comes a new name and logo. It is now official that the New York Aviators will be changing their team name with their new move to the Long Beach Ice Arena. They will now be the Long Beach Sharks. It’s an exciting time to be part of the Sharks organization and although there is a new team and new location, the goals and expectations remain the same.

The announcement comes on the heels of an already confirmed story that the NY Aviators were moving to the Long Beach Ice Arena and so with that a new team name and logo was in order including new jerseys. There had been hints for weeks there was a fresh new start coming for the now former Aviators team. There is a lot of excitement to look forward to as this process will continue to grow.

In an official statement from team Owner Jim Loughran he couldn’t be more excited for this move.

“It’s the dawning of a new era for our Junior program that includes a new home rink and a new identity to set the stage for the 2016-17 season. Moving forward we will be known as the Long Beach Sharks as we embrace our new home in Long Beach that offers a beautiful environment for our players and fans! We look forward to bringing the people of Long Beach a competitive program that they can root for, for many years to come”.

Stay tuned for more updates as more news continues to follow this historic and exciting announcement!!


unnamedThe City of Long Beach recently participated in USA Hockey Across America Weekend on February 28 through March 2. The Long Beach Ice Arena hosted two exciting events during the weekend: the NYSAAU Hockey Championship Tournament and Try Hockey for Free Day. The Long Beach Marines came in 2nd place after losing to Cheektowaga 4-3 in the championship game of the Tournament.  Long Beach played well the entire weekend led by seniors, Tom McGovern and Evan Schwartz. The support and energy from the stands was amazing.

On Saturday, March 1, the arena held Try Hockey for Free Day Across America.  29 boys and girls, ages 3-14 participated in this opportunity that featured a 45 minute learning session including skating, stick handling, and shooting.  Try Hockey for Free is a great introduction to our in-house programs which include; Learn to Skate, Learn to Play Hockey, and House League Hockey.  If you have not been down to the Long Beach Ice Arena, give it a try!  Right now it is the hottest place in town.

For more information on public skating sessions, hockey and skating lessons and programs, please visit our website at


unnamedThe City of Long Beach invites boys and girls ages 8 and under to the Long Beach Ice Arena on March 1, 2014 at 12:00pm for a Try Hockey For Free Clinic.  The clinic is designed for children to experience ice hockey for the first time and learn the basics of the sport in a fun, safe environment. We look forward to introducing new families to this fantastic sport.  Youth hockey is a great sports option, give it a try!  Opportunities to get into youth hockey continue to grow with cost-effective options. 

To pre-register for the Try Hockey For Free event, please visit or contact Matt Angst at 516-208-6136.

Kerry Ann Troy
City of Long Beach
Department of Parks and Recreation Events
(516) 705-7414

Zero Cost to the Taxpayers.

Our county executive, Ed Mangano (yes people in Long Beach, hard to admit, but we are part of Long Island) today along with Town of Hempstead’s Kate Murray and New York Islanders’ owner Charles Wang unveiled a plan that will give us a new arena, a minor league baseball stadium and convention center.

I am not about to get into the specifics, but I do want to address false information that is going around. Yes, Nassau County will ask us to vote for $400 million dollars in bonds to pay for it, but it will ultimately be at zero cost to us, the taxpayers.  Today at a press conference, Ed Mangano specifically said over and over how it will be paid off by the New York Islanders, the Minor League Baseball team and whatever other development that happens there. It’s called revenue sharing.

Mangano knows not to ask the taxpayers to foot the bill, so please no comments about how you don’t want to pay for this. I will not post them. We desperately need a new Coliseum. It’s a question of quality of life, entertainment and culture. A new coliseum would bring us just that. Besides, anything is better than another shopping center.

That’s it. End of story.

Read the official Press Release for more info.

In other news: R.I.P. “Meet Me at the Lighthouse” video



“NYR training camp has history all its own”

I absolutely hate the New York Rangers, but I cannot deny the fact that they once held practice at the Long Beach Ice Arena. The official Rags website has an article on the history of their training facilities, so I figured I’d post the link since it is our history too!

From the article:

By 1975 the Rangers were ready to come home and use their practice facility in Long Beach, N.Y., as training-camp site. Camp was held in Long Beach for the next three seasons until new owner Sonny Werblin decided to bring the team even closer to Manhattan by having them train in Westchester County.

I just wanted to point out that Long Beach is actually closer to MSG than Rye, NY, but whatever.    Read the full article @  NYR training camp has history all its own


Josh Bailey is a fan of Long Beach

New York Islander prospect and Ontario native Josh Bailey said some kind words about our little city when asked what he thought of Long Island. Point Blank, which is one of the better Islander blogs around, interviewed the young prospect and this is what he had to say:

“You go over to a town like Long Beach for some dinner,” said Bailey, “and it’s just a phenomenal place. The people are friendly. The hockey fans that recognize us treat us like gold. The weather, the beach…I mean, it’s just the greatest place to be.”

As a big Islander fan, I can certainly say that I am glad to have Josh on the team. He is a class act, his future looks bright and he looks to be one of the best play makers the team has seen since Pierre Turgeon in the early 90’s.

You can find the full article right here.