$9,990,000 for the Jackson Hotel (Do you want cash or check?)

It looks like our favorite mystery building is up for sale. Loopnet.com shows the Jackson Hotel (405 E. Broadway, Long Beach, NY) listed for 9.9 Million bucks. (Source –120 Room Hotel 6 Miles from JFK). The owner will consider a sale, joint venture or a long term lease. I’m thinking Seabythecity.com headquarters, but I’m going to need a few more investors….

Some facts about the Jackson: 120 rooms, 20,000 SF lot and it needs renovation & decoration. For those who are interested and would like an inside tour, check out our photos: (see – Inside the Jackson Hotel: A Photographic Journey).

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Today at last, the Courtesy Hotel in West Hempstead crumbles.  Is the Long Beach Motor Inn next? PLEASE TELL ME IT IS! Getting rid of the Courtesy is a great for the West Hempstead community. Folks in Island Park have been crying for the same thing for years. How great would it be for both the Courtesy and LB Motor Inn to be demolished the same year? Kate Murray are you listening? It would make a great photo opp!

TEAR DOWN THE MOTOR INN! Maybe Roger Waters will sing about it 🙂

Read: Courtesy Hotel crumbles – W. Hempstead Herald

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors: Barnes & Noble by the Sea? W Hotel?

I generally don’t like posting rumors, but this new one is extremely interesting. The second one is just an update.

1. Do you know that vacant lot next to the Allegria Hotel that we keep complaining about?  A few weeks ago it was mentioned that the Allegria doesn’t own that lot and the owner had no plans on selling it to them.  Now, keep in mind, that lot is actually zoned for retail. A strip of food shops used to exist there, but were knocked down during the King David renovation – thus making it seem like it was part of the Allegria development.  Fast forward to today:  a reader named Hank commented that Barnes & Noble are now in the picture:

Heard they want to build a Barnes and Noble on the Ocean with a Cafe. They were there surveying the property.

Barnes & Nobles does in fact have absolutely no stores in this particular area of southern Nassau County.  Could a Long Beach location make sense for a company that is now battling book sales against Kindles & iPads?  Maybe destination, gimmick stores with cafe’s on the ocean are exactly what Barnes & Noble needs to keep the profits coming it- an evolution in retail.   Can anybody fill us in on any truth or updates to this?

2. W Hotel taking over Jackson by the Beach? About a year ago I posted that the Jackson was for sale.  In April it was brought up whether or not the hotel was still open because it looked like it went dark.  With that, it was posted in our forums and I got an emails from two separate people that W Hotels were looking to take over.  Current status: Well, the real estate listing that I originally posted has since been taken down.  I recently gave Jackson a ring and they are still alive and kicking.  It doesn’t look like anything is gonna happen soon.   Anybody got updates on this rumor?

Of course I could just be getting duped on both these rumors, but I am willing to take a risk… this is a blog after all, not a newspaper. Why not have some fun with them?



For 12 year old girls only……

Justin Bieber stayed at the Allegria in Long Beach this past weekend.  I guess Mr. Bieber didn’t read all the negative reviews the Allegria has been getting on this site.

Read the article @ longislandpress.com – Justin Bieber in Long Beach

Admin Note:  I am so sad to say that this is the third post I have that mentions Justin Bieber.

Update: For those who read the Long Island Press article. Where can you get donuts in Long Beach? Am I missing something?

Two recent LB Herald articles – Long Beach Motor Inn & LIRR Bridge Repair

  • In another recent article (whose link I cannot find), the Herald mentioned that the LIRR bridge over Reynold’s channel between Long Beach & Island park was going to be replaced.  I searched all over the MTA website and I only see an article regarding the two smaller bridges in Island Park and Oceanside. I posted this link before, but here you go again: Buses Replace Trains as LIRR Installs New Bridges Over Powell Creek and Hog Isle Channel.   I’m hoping somebody can clarify this story.

My stay @ the Allegria

Allegria Hotel & Spa
80 West Broadway
Long Beach, NY 11561

I never reviewed a hotel before. So, to make my life easier, I’m just going to list a bunch of pluses and minuses that I experienced as a guest of the Allegria. There has been a lot of negativity towards this place already, so I am sure  some will read this and say that I am wrong; the food is awful, the service is bad, They Keep Lie, Stay Way, The Allegria RUINED MY WEDDING, blah blah blah.  Well, maybe you went on an off night, because my overall experience was above-average.

The Hotel in General:

Plus: Without a doubt, this hotel is beautiful inside and out. I loved the modern nautical decor – a nice change from the traditional decor most places around here have.

Plus: The gym, which is on the second to top floor, has an awesome view of the boardwalk and ocean.

Minus: The roof level is still under construction, so we couldn’t see the pool, bar, spa or whatever else that’s going on up there.  Is the spa even open? Did I miss something? because I couldn’t find it.

The Atlantica Restaurant

Plus/minus: Despite all the negative reviews and even my own past experience, the service was actually really good & kinda fast. Too fast. WAY TOO FAST!  Our dinner was served five minutes after our appetizers which was served five minutes after we ordered.  The hotel staff must be reading the reviews.

Minus: The restaurant staff must have heard funniest joke of all time because they couldn’t stop laughing throughout my entire dinner. They were laughing LOUD. Why am I making a big deal over this? Well, I’ve had quieter meals at Chuck E. Cheese. It was pretty annoying and distracting.

Plus: The food was actually quite good. Again, the reviews of the restaurant have been very mixed. Maybe the kitchen just needed some time to get the kinks out. Yes, I do know that there are much better restaurants in town, but what can I say? I liked my meal. It wasn’t on the same level as Coastal Grill, but it was much, much better than Monterey.

Plus: free-range, grass-feed, organic. I love seeing all those words on a menu. Especially since I just saw the movie FOOD, Inc.

Minus: We had to turn down sitting near the window because it was too cold and drafty. I noticed others moving away from the windows as well.  Aren’t these windows brand new?

The Room / Overnight stay

Plus: The rooms are really cute. I’m a big fan of the bamboo / chocolate wood color scheme. It’s just so relaxing, modern and clean.

Minus: Hallway noise was a big problem. You can hear every door close, footstep and conversation that went on in the hallway.

Minus: When a nearby hotel room door gets slammed closed, the place shakes.

Plus: Since the hallway noise was so loud, the hotel was kind enough to lend us a fan for background noise.

Minus: The visitor’s guide in the room had nothing to do with Long beach or Long Island. It was a generic guide for Manhattan.  I get it. Manhattan has everything. We have some stuff too.

Plus: We stayed in an ocean-view room and the views were awesome! Makes me want to live in a place on the boardwalk!

Minus: Again, drafty windows.  You can feel the cold air from a few feet away. I thought this was a “green” building.  So much heat is being wasted!

Minus: Tile + hardwood floors = every little sound you make in the bathroom can be heard by whoever is in the room. Kind of embarrassing….

Minus: The sound of loud footsteps from the floor above – not something a business traveler wants to wake up to on an early Sunday morning.

Minus: Too many light switches!!! The bathroom had five alone!  I kept on turning on the closet light every time I wanted to use the bathroom.

Bottom Line

Despite all my minuses regarding the room, this hotel could and should work.  Once it catches on, it’s definitely going to be a popular summer destination for Manhattanites.  A quick train ride for those who don’t have a car is much easier than that long bus ride to the Hamptons. Is that a good or a bad thing? Well, this hotel will bring more money to Long Beach. Tourism dollar$ are a good thing.  Plus, Long Beach is filled with so many great restaurants and bars that will hopefully benefit from hotel spillover. Sounds like a win-win to me. The only real downfall I see is how expensive everything was-  between room service, the restaurant and the room itself. Be prepared to spend a lot. So, for all you out-of-towners, If you have a ton of money to spend and want to experience Long Beach, I fully recommend it. Overall, my Allegria experience was great. I only wish I got to stay there before I started looking for a house- that ocean view was awfully nice 😉

Going to stay at the Allegria

My wife and I are actually staying at the Allegria this weekend for our wedding anniversary. We live five blocks away. Sound crazy? Sure, but I am so curious about this place.  I’ll post a review with photos as soon as possible.

While booking the room, I asked the lady at the front desk how business has been. She said that the weekends are almost at full capacity; the weekdays get a lot of single business travels that need to be close to JFK.  I’m not exactly sure if I believe any of that – if you pass the hotel at night time it seems kind of dead and dark.  We shall see…….

PRweb – Allegria Hotel Receives Coveted Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences

prweb.com – Full Article

Wow, kinda crazy for a place that’s been getting nothing, but negative comments for it’s horrible service. I’ve only been there once and I thought the service was horrible myself, but that was a few weeks after the hotel opened. Maybe they got their act together by now.

Here are some updated reviews on tripadvisor.com where people think the Allegria is AMAZING & NOTHING SPECIAL.

Screen shot 2009-12-02 at 10.59.50 AM

Long Beach Motor Inn, You give Long Beach a bad name.

Yeah, I know that motel isn’t in Long Beach, but it’s called the Long Beach Motor Inn, it’s on Long Beach blvd and you pass in on your way to Long Beach.  I’m sure there are some people out there who think it’s in Long Beach. Regardless, the place is a dump and it’s bringing down that whole entire south shore area.

The Island Park Civic Association website is reporting that there are sex offenders living at the Long Beach Motor Inn. That motel seems to be used for everything, but a motel. Just like that sleazy joint that was in Oceanside, this one needs to be demolished as well.

Check out the article which has information where you can complain about these sex offenders in our area. Being that we are in Long Beach and not too far, I am sure they will listen to us too.